Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on Children in the Buttons to the Left

All of the children listed in the buttons to the left are from the same Baby House where we got Alex from. They are all listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Sveta is available for adoption and needs a home.

Alina has a family waiting on her when she become available for international adoption in August, I believe.

Timofey is in his forever home and receiving treatment for an eColi infection for the next few months. He still faces surgery on his broken leg/hip - which will require replacement every two years.

Isaiah's forever family is in region now, attempting to adopt him. Please pray as they have hit a snag.

Niko, Sasha & Vera's forever family is in the paperwork process, awaiting their USCIS approval.

There are several other precious children available for adoption in this Baby House as well as hundreds of others with special needs listed on Reece's Rainbow who are from all over the world. If you are considering adoption, please consider helping one of these children. If you are not able to adopt, please consider sponsoring one of these children.

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