Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chicken Chicken Boom Boom

Chicken Chicken Boom Boom! (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) That's what Alex has been saying the past week. He is in K3 and they are getting ready to start their "school work", so they have been working on shapes and colors and will be working on letters and numbers - all in August. The door decoration to his class h as been updated with a coconut tree with the kiddo's names on the coconuts. He is official. This is the first time his name has been on the door.

He had a good week in class although he did not get to go Friday. On Thursday, around 3:30, they director called me and told me that he had pink eye! They let him stay until the regular time since he had already been there all day and told me to call the doctor to get a prescription. He couldn't go on Friday because he was considered contagious until he had been on the drops for 24 hours. His eyes have only been matted once - at 2:00 am on Friday morning. He has been really good to not rub them and has only complained about them hurting once or twice. He looks fine now and is not complaining. So far, Tim & I have been able to avoid the junk.

We are having our family picture made on Monday for the church directory. Excited to have our first family photo, but I like more relaxed photos that are not so posed. My best friend is a photographer "on the side" and we have planned for some time to have an outside photo shoot, but it has been so blasted hot here, it has been impossible. Hopefully, we will be able to do it for the fall.

Within the past two weeks, Alex has begun to speak almost entirely in complete sentences. He is growing so tall too! I hope the 3T pants I bought for the fall will be long enough. They have adjustable waist, so I am not concerned about that part.

At work, we are having a "Top 10" celebration on Wednesday night. For the second consecutive year, we have been named in the top 10% by the UDS. Last year, only the employees and one guest could attend. This year, all immediate family can attend. We will have a cookout, a DJ and a bounce house for the children. I am really excited to take Alex because our night shift folks have not gotten to meet him yet and I know he will have a great time!

I have decided that I will not go on the mission trip to Ukraine in 2011. I really want to go, but it would have to leave Alex for 10 days and I just don't know if I could do that. Also, I would have to take 8 ETO days and although I have them, I would like to build my bank back up. I like to keep 80 hours in there in case of emergency.

Hope everyone has a great week,

R & T & A

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