Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Day Today

I had to run some errands in Anderson - some things to return and some things to buy at Ulta. So, we hit the road around 11am. Alex actually slept until 9am!

We tried to eat at Chic-fila, but it was so crowded - so I had a return at Target, so we ate at Target! Alex had the kid's chicken meal and I had popcorn. He ate his entire meal and some popcorn as well.

When we hit Ulta, he was into everything! I had him in the stroller, thank goodness. we ran into Kohls and he cried because he had to get into the buggy - but was better when he saw it was more like a stroller. He has never cried about getting into a buggy before. He kept unbuckling the strap! They really need to make those more child-proof. I finally figured out that it was passed his naptime and he was just fighting sleep. He was nodding off when we got to the register.

Of course, he had a nap on the way home and then, we went to his cousin Jordan's baseball game. He loves Jordan more than anyone or anything else in this world! His face just lights up when he sees him. It is so sweet. Jordan loves him too and wanted to know if he could come over to play after his game. I had to explain that by the time Alex got home, ate supper, and had his bath, it would be time for bed. Jordan's response was - well - he doesn't have school tomorrow!

Our dear friends gave us a party Saturday to welcome Alex to our family. We had a great time and he got the most precious things. I think his favorite thing is the dinosaur shoes that light up. He wants to wear them everywhere and show them to everyone. He is so proud of them. My favorite is between his personalized quilt, his car, my family necklace and his new outfits! Oh - and the books and videos that he got too. I just love everything and we are so blessed to have such great friends.

Sunday, I gave Alex a set of Mega Blocks. I wish I had done this the day we got home. He loves to build things and I have fun with them too! Today we got a farm set to add to his blocks.

We also got his swimmies for our mountain trip this weekend and for the beach in June. I got him an Elmo backpack and an Elmo book that has a little play MP3 player with it. I think that will be good for the ride.

Tomorrow we plan to go to story time at the library and then visit Granny & Grandpa. Granny hasn't been feeling well and Alex misses her.

Alex's English vocabulary grows each day. I am just amazed at what he picks up. The most recent addition are "That's enough" and "Sit!" - which he uses for our dog Chloe and myself when he wants me to sit with him until he goes to sleep.

Still loving our life with our son.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Singing in Russian

Singing in English

We have had a good week.

Alex has learned to count to five in English and is working on learning colors.

We visited the daycare that Alex will attend when I go back to work in June. It is The Learning Vine and is just around the corner from the hospital where I work. The classes are bright and roomy, they have lessons year-round, have a nice playground with a pirate ship, tri-cycles, swings and sand boxes. There is even a real live bunny in the room! You can view the children from the halls at any time. Of course, Alex had to show out a little and kick me while I was try to listen to the owner as she went over the rules, etc. He wasn't getting my full attention and he has a problem with that.

Alex is now going to sleep in his room without us laying down with him - almost every night. We let him choose a movie - Babe is his favorite! He also loves watching episodes of The Black Stallion because he loves his horses.

We are still waiting on an appointment with the pediatric adoption group in Greenville. I called Thurs. to follow up with our pediatrician's office and still waiting for a response.

Tim took Alex and went to WalMart grocery shopping so I could get a massage. Boy did I need it! My neck has not been right since the flights to Ukraine and has been getting worse each day. This week I had headaches every day. I thought my shoulder problems were gone because they haven't been as bad, but I think the head and neck problems were just outweighing them because when Allen hit the shoulders, it was evident the problem is still there.

We have a party this afternoon for our little family. My best friends are throwing a "baby party" so everyone can meet Alex - guys included. My friend Jackie is here from Dallas - we share April birthdays, so we always get together this month to celebrate. Today is also John Collin's birthday and his party is at the same time as ours. It was definitely planned this way as this date was confirmed while we were in Ukraine. We are happy to see everyone here, but also sad that Alex can't go to John Collin's party.

That's about all we have for this week.


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly update

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New photos and videos

will be posted soon. I was trying to post a video and had problems.

Then...I had to go and settle a certain little blonde-headed boy down to go to sleep.

Too tired to work on the problem tonight.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Title Change

Nanci took this picture at our shower at church yesterday.

I changed the title of the blog today because I decided to continue it throughout our first year home. I will try to post weekly.
Yesterday, Alex went to Children's Church for the first time and he was good. Our Senior Pastor and his wife, our Associate Pastor and our Music Minister - along with a group from our church are in Ukraine until tomorrow. So - we had a visiting minister. He was very good, but spoke longer than we are accustomed. I was really worried about Alex being in Children's Church for that long, but they went ahead and took the children to the Social Hall for breakfast, so he was happy.
We did not try Sunday School, yesterday, but will next week. He will be next door to the class that I am going to begin helping with, so I will be a little more relaxed.
The church had a shower for Alex yesterday afternoon and we had a great time. I got to meet our new Youth Minister's wife and two precious little boys. They just came here while we were in Ukraine and they just "fit."
Alex went to Mission Friends while we attended the service last night and they said that he was good also. I am waiting for the new to wear off and for his true colors to show through.
He is learning so much! He now says : come here, I'm sorry, Thank You, What's my name?, no touch and Leave them alone, bath, pajamas - all pieces of clothing, nite-nite, pee-pee. watch a movie, Big Bird, Elmo, Yes M'am and of course, Mama, Daddy, Chloe (Clovey), PJ (Peja) and all of his cousins' names as well as Granny, Grandpa, Granma (Glenma), and Papa. There are more, but these are the few that come to mind.
Naptime is getting better and nite-nite is better if we let him watch a movie while he is falling asleep. $5 WalMart movies are wonderful!
Today Alex hit Chloe, so I put him in his room - he hates to be in there unless you tell him that he is to play. He hit me when I closed the baby gate, so he also got a time-out, plus had to stay in his room. About five minutes later, I heard him talking to himself and saying "sorry, sorry, I sorry - which actually sounds like "I solly." Then, he came to the doorway, called me and told me that he was sorry. So, of course, I let him out of his room.
He always helps clean up after he eats. Today he had rice everywhere after supper. He got the whisk broom and dust pan out and helped clean it up.
I really think he is adjusting well and I am trying to learn not to sweat the small stuff.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

First Easter in America

Passed out after an Easter Candy high- with his Mickey Mouse cell phone from Granny and Grandpa
Ready to go to church

At the Easter Egg Hunt

With his best friend - Cousin Jordan

Bunny Ears from the McAllister sisters

We took Alex to his first American Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Poor thing, he didn't know what to do, but he did pick up ONE egg - and put it in another little boys basket. They didn't let the 3 & 4 year-olds have assistance. He had fun looking at the horses and bouncing in the bouncy house. We took his cousin Jordan (7) with us and he loves Jordan to death. So many hugs!
Easter morning, he got a visit from the Easter Bunny, got dressed in his new outfit and we went to church. He only made it through the musical portion of the service. He loves music!
We are off to the local Social Security office tomorrow and to my work to turn in some paperwork. We may go out of town to shop a little.
Alex is eating well, but not yet gaining weight. We have not had a doctors appointment yet, so I think I will start him on some Pediasure until we see the pediatrician. Yesterday afternoon, he had on a 24 month pair of shorts and they fit perfect. Most of the 2Ts are too short and the 3Ts are too large in the waist, so I usually buy adjustable waist. Luckily, my sister and mom both still had some of Jordan's smaller clothes and we have been using them as well as what we have bought.
Please keep the King family in your prayers. They are in Kazakhstan trying to adopt a little boy. They were offered the boy by the asst. director of the orphanage and later found out that he is only registered in two places and should be registered in three places. His mother abandoned him in July 2009 and their attorney is trying to track her down to get her to agree to the adoption. They are in their bonding time now.
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