Saturday, November 28, 2009

Five more working days....

Our facilitator has verified that the dossier was submitted on 11/23/09. She stated that the SDA has 10 working days to provide an answer. So, five of those days have passed.

Hopefully, we will have an answer by next Friday.

My wonderful, self-admitted OCD husband decorated the Christmas tree last night. I had a massage and when I came home, he was just getting started. I went to bed around 10:00 and when I woke up at 3:30 - surprise!!! Once he gets started, he can't stop.

We decided to add some color to our tree this year. We normally use ivory or gold balls in addition to our special ornaments. This year, we bought shatterproof balls and used blue, red, green and gold. I really like the new look. I think it is something a child will like better also.

**for those of you who know us - the Star Trek tree DID NOT go up this year. Don't faint - there are no Star Trek ornaments on the main tree either. He did mention putting it up next year or turning that tree into a child-themed tree.

***for those of you who may not know us that well - Tim love Christmas. I love it, but he has me beat, no doubt about it. But - he didn't work retail for 12 1/2 years and he has never had to put up 5 trees at work for 5 years in a row. Thank goodness I only have to do 3 at work now - but that takes the fun out of doing a tree at home.

Today we will decorate the mantel and the outside.

I am going back to bed. Just woke up and saw the tree and, well, I got excited!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


R & T

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dossier Submitted

I received an email from our facilitator that our dossier was submitted today as planned. She said that she should hear within 10 days if it is accepted and if it is, we should expect to travel in early February. we are waiting again. We were waiting to hear something before getting down all of the Christmas decorations because we didn't want to go all out and decorate and then be rushed to take them down if we were in the process of preparing to travel.

Looks like we can put out all of the decorations.......hopefully we will have a child by Valentines. Both of our mom's birthdays are in February, so maybe they will get a grandchild for their birthdays.

Will update as soon as we know something.

R & T

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Background & Rant

I am not rushing Christmas, but with the submission date coming up on Monday and decorating at work next week, I thought I would go ahead and change the blog background to a Christmas theme.

I know this one is not the easiest on the eyes, but I love it and the meaning behind it. There were few to choose from that were Christian themed. Which brings me to a rant.....

It took us at least two years to find a decent, affordable Nativity scene for our yard for Christmas. My mother and father-in-law reminded us of this last week while we were having dinner. They are searching for one and have the same problem. Everything we found is either blow mold or inflatable, cartoon-like. We finally found a Fontanini one online, but paid more than we wanted and it is still not exactly what we wanted.

I have seen the following Christmas decorations while in search of the Nativity:
a flying pig
all Disney characters in various poses
a carousel
a ferris wheel
Santas in every shape, color and size - playing golf, being stopped by the police for speeding in the sleigh, in a rocking chair, dancing, singing....well - you get the picture.

What part of CHRISTmas do the retailers not understand?

Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas in our household.

R & T

Submission Day - almost

Monday is the day!

We ask for prayers that our dossier be accepted and for a travel date that meets our needs.

Thank goodness we have a busy weekend planned. If not, I think I would go crazy with anxiety. This afternoon, I am shooting a wedding reception for a friend from work and then going to see the movie The Blindside with another friend. Then, tomorrow we have church and tomorrow night, our Thanksgiving meal at church, so that will take out minds off of things.

I feel better about my "replacement" while I am on leave from work. She will not have to do the payroll part of my job, so she should be fine. I have full confidence in her and I know she could handle it even if the payroll portion were included, but it makes me feel better that she will not be overwhelmed.

Going to take a nap (why am I awake at 6:30 on Sat?), then I need to make a cake (pound cake with caramel icing) for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Will update when I have an answer from the SDA.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

One week from tomorrow

One week from tomorrow, 11/23/09, our dossier will be submitted to the SDA.

Our last piece of paperwork was FedEx'd to Ukraine yesterday.

Please pray that things will go well with our appointment.

Thank you and love,

R & T

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Correction to Dossier

We got notice that there was a correction on my medical certificate. My physician wrote over two numbers on the form and this is not acceptable. So, I typed the form and sent it to her to sign and Tim picked it up today.

I just scanned it and emailed to our facilitator to see if it will be OK. Then, hopefully, we will get it to Ukraine in time for submission on 11/23/09.

The orphanages in Ukraine are under quarantine until at least 11/22/09, so some couples who are in country hit at a bad time. Hopefully, the quarantine will not be extended so these families can finish their adoptions and those of us who are waiting to submit will still get to travel when anticipated.

We are hoping for an appointment on 1/10/10 or 1/17/10.

We are in the process of purchasing warm clothes such as Under Armour and Cuddl Duds, etc. A wise hockey player once told me that "it isn't cold unless your snot freezes." Well...I am afraid that it will be that cold in Ukraine in January. My DNO told me today that the 6 weeks of cold is my price to pay in place of labor pains. I don't know, but I think 6 weeks is an awful long labor.
I am sure it will be like childbirth - the reward will far outlive the pain.

Looking forward to snuggling with my honey and our new baby(ies) in the cold.

R & T

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updated dossier on it's way

Our updated dossier left for Ukraine yesterday! I haven't had a chance to track it yet, but from past experience, I would say it is in France.

Today I found out from my HR department that I will have to take a personal leave until the adoption is approved. Then, when I get home, I file for FMLA. That gives me 12 weeks from the time of adoption. Although I will not take the full twelve after we return, it is good to know that I have that much time if I need more time with the child(ren) to help adjust or if they need medical attention.

Today at work, I developed a training calendar for the PRN staff member who is going to fill in for part of my job while we are gone. She will do the staffing coordinator portion of my job. She will have three weeks of training and I am anxious for her because it seems old hat to me by now because I have been the only one in the position since we opened. Everything has been developed by either my DNO or myself and I hope I can get her trained and that she will feel confident to fill in. I just don't want to overwhelm her. It is not like she can pick up the phone and call me at the drop of a hat if something goes wrong!

I am still excited and scared. It is difficult going in with so many unknowns. But - we know that we are following God's will for us and that He will guide us in all that we do - we just have to be sure to let Him lead and to follow where He takes us.

Updates as we get them.....

R & T