Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on children in the buttons to the left

Danil is still awaiting a family.

Vanya is in the process - 10 day waiting, I believe.

Vika has been transferred from the baby house to an institution. An effort is being made to raise funds for her adoption. Will post more later.

Sveta is still awaiting a family.

Alina is almost home to USA - if no already.

Niko, Sasha & Vera's family is awaiting a travel date.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Alex!

Mama, Alex & Daddy at Alex's Party 10/16/10

Train at the party

Too cute

Riding his bike from Granny & Grandpa with cousin Justin's help


Big bite of cake!
Alex turns four tomorrow, on 10/29/10.
We had his party at Emerald Farms on 10/16/10. We had it early due to Halloween and family work schedules. The kids had a great time. They got to feed the goats, & fish, see the Llamas, peacocks and chickens and ride the train!
Alex couldn't decide if he wanted a Thomas or Toy Story party. When we went to get the invitations, they did not have Thomas, so we got Toy Story. Thomas would have been so cute with the little train ride, but it was what it was.
Alex had a big time and so did we!
My best friend took all of the photos and I was so glad because I was too tied up with the party to even take my camera out of the case.
I am so glad that we got our son before he turned four! There have been two children transferred out of his baby house lately and I am afraid if he had been transferred, we (or anyone else) may not have had the chance to adopt him. I just realized tonight that I don't know what time my baby was born. I will have to get the birth certificate out, but I don't think it is on there. I also wonder if his birth mother thinks of him on his birthday. I wonder if his babushka who gave him to the orphanage thinks of him. I wonder if his brother even knows that he exists. I guess there is so much we will never know.
We also had a voicemail this afternoon from the Ukrainian Embassy. I surely hope there isn't a problem! I am a little uneasy, but cannot find out anything until tomorrow. Surely hope it is good news, especially since tomorrow is Alex's birthday!
This week at school, they have been doing Halloween activities every day. Yesterday, they went on a field trip to an assisted living to sing and trick-or-treat. Alex was wandering away from the group and his teacher told him to take her hand. He drew away and said NO! When I went to pick him up, he tried to hide on the ship on the playground so I couldn't get him - because he knew he would be punished. Then, he was mouthy all the way home. I was just beside myself with what to do with him!
This morning, they were supposed to dress in their costumes for school because their party was today. He had a major meltdown! He did not want to wear his Mr. Potato Head costume. Well...I specifically took him to buy another costume just for school because they kept telling us to let them wear old costumes. He didn't have an old one, but KMart had them 50% off, so we decided to get him one for today and save his Thomas the Train for trick-or-treating the grandparents. Tim put him in the car kicking and screaming and he acted that way all the way to school. When he got there and saw the other kids, of course, he didn't want to take it off. I guess I shouldn't have made him wear it, but I knew he would be disappointed if the other kids had one and he didn't. Plus, I spent money on that blasted costume and time looking through every costume in KMart for him to make a choice. I was a bad, mean Mama!
Tomorrow, Alex wants pizza for supper and I bought a small cake.
Saturday, we are going to the zoo with Grandma, Jordan, Justin & his girlfriend and possibly Joshua. I have never been to this zoo, but I am more excited than anyone because I can feed/pet a giraffe!!!!! I know the trip is for him, but that is the one thing Mama is going to do and get a picture of it! Hey, it's on my bucket list!
Love to all,
R & T & A

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Update on Children at Left of Blog

Sweet Danil is still hoping for a family.

Vanya has meet his family and they are in Ukraine in the process of adoption.

Darling Vika still needs a family.

Sweet Sveta does not have a committed family. A family really wanted to bring this beauty home, but they were adopting in another region and could not make it happen at this time.

Alina's parents are also in Ukraine in the process of adoption.

Mr. Timofey is doing so well. He just began walking! This is a little boy with a broken leg who should be an example to us all.

Niko, Sasha and Vera's family is close to submitting for their adoption and has had a generous donation to cover all of their costs.

There is a precious little boy, Vadim who also lives at the same baby house as Alex and most of these kiddos at the left. We (others who have adopted from this baby house) have been asking for a button for him and been praying for him to get a home. I am so happy to share that he got a family this week! Hopefully, he will be with his family before Christmas because they are sitting on go with their paperwork!

There have been so many blessing for those of us who are connected one way or another with this baby house.

Lord, today we praise you for all the blessings you have showered upon us and these children. We ask today that you continue to bless these precious little ones and the ones who remain in the institution - that their needs be met and that they find a family to love and protect them. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Thank you for remembering these precious ones in your prayers.

R & T & A

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on Children in the Buttons to the Left

Sweet Vika is still awaiting a family. She had surgery on her feet and is doing well. There is an updated photo of her on Reece's Rainbow.

Miss Sveta is hopefully getting a family. They are in the process of adopting another little girl in another region and have opened their heart to Sveta.

Beautiful Alina's family is in Ukraine as I type, awaiting their court date.

Timofey is doing well after some major battles. He now has a head full of dark hair. He still has to have surgery on his leg/hip.

Niko, Sasha and Vera's family is in the final steps of preparing their dossier to submit for adoption. Little Vera had surgery at the same time Vika did. They got to go to the beach as they awaited surgery!

There are still some special children at the Nilolaev Baby House who need a family. Vadim is the same age as Alex and we have learned that he is smart and active. He is in the process of being prepared for a prosthetic eye. Danil and Lena are HIV+ and are precious. I believe they are in the same group as Alina and Sveta. There are also some other children available - Carolina, Olga, just to name a few.

There are also several other adoptions in process from the Baby House.

Please keep these children in your prayers and consider donating to their adoption funds on Reece's Rainbow. Donations can also be made to the Nikolaev Baby House. Contact me for information and check back on this blog and facebook for info on Christmas Warrior and Christmas Angel programs for Reece's Rainbow.

Thank you for supporting and praying for the orphans of Ukraine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Alex & Daddy

Cool Dude

Rita & Alex at the beach - windblown hair and all.

We went to Myrtle Beach last week and had a wonderful time. The week flew by! The weather was great and we were in shorts or swimsuits most days. This trip was very different from our June trip because it was just the three of us. It was hard for Alex to understand where his Granny, Grandpa and Grandma were, especially since we stay at the same place, but in a different unit. We probably confused him more because Papa and Granny Carolyn came to visit.

Alex enjoyed swimming in the indoor pool using just his swimmies and a swim ring. He also enjoyed jumping waves in the ocean and looking for shells and fish. He finally got to see a dolphin at the end of the week. Of course, he got to ride rides - his favorite thing to do. We took him to Margaritaville and he liked the hurricane and the big blender along with the show. We also went to Benjamins to eat and he liked the ship models, the fish hanging from the ceiling and the scuba man too.

We found a Halloween costume for him - Thomas the Train. We don't actually do Trick-or-Treat, but they will be doing activities at school which include a visit to an assisted living and a party, so he had to have a costume. We were able to pick up a few things for his birthday party which is Saturday. We scheduled it early due to Halloween and a family member's work schedule. Come to find out, that family member has other obligations and two other family members had to switch schedules to attend.

The Birthday Party is at Emerald Farms. It is a working goat farm where they make goat milk soap, lotions and other products. They also have a train that the kids can ride, they can feed the goats, see the llamas, feed the fish and visit the train room which has an entire city set up with model trains running through it. The party theme is actually Toy Story. That is what Alex picked at WalMart. They didn't have Thomas the Train. Of course, after the invitations were distributed, we found Thomas ones at the beach.