Friday, July 23, 2010

Home Four Months!

We have been home from Ukraine four months yesterday!

Alex has made amazing progress in those four months. He knows most of his colors, can count to 10, sing Jesus Loves Me, is learning his ABC song and Jesus Loves the Little Children, has greatly improved his coloring skills, speaks 99.9% English with an occasional mooka and la lukey thrown in, makes all his needs know, learned to pee pee standing up, and says his blessing and prayers. We do not have to constantly watch him when he is inside (to keep him out of places he shouldn't be), he falls asleep within 15 minutes of being put to bed, realizes consequences such as loosing privileges when he is bad and getting to do fun things when he is good. He eats many more things than he did four months ago and does not complain when he has to drink milk.

He is growing taller and has filled out, especially in his legs. He loves our dog, Chloe, horses, trains, and watching anything that goes 'round & 'round - fans, sprinklers, merry-go-round, helicopter blades, etc. Today he got to see a real helicopter and he was so excited! He has seen some far off, but today, he got to see one fly into the hospital and then take off later. He said it was a big, strong helicopter.

We are so excited that he has adjusted so well and that he loves his school. Last week, they told me that he has been hitting and trying to bite his classmates. They didn't tell me before because they thought he didn't understand timeout, etc. When they told me this, I fussed at him and told him he would get timeout at home for his behavior that day. At first, he smiled and then later, he began to cry. His teachers told me that he never shows that timeout bothers him - just smiled. So, now they tell him that they will tell his Mama and it must be working. Makes me feel like the meanest Mama, but it makes him behave. He is very proud that he has been a good boy in school and is telling everyone.

We are so happy to be Alex's parents. It is like he has always been a part of our family.

We love you, Alexander Jacob Dixon!

***Tried to add some photos, but it isn't working tonight for some reason. Will update with another post later of just photos.***

R & T

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