Monday, January 26, 2009

More Steps Completed

We had our home visit on 01/17/09. It went well and we love our Social Worker, Teresa. She was so helpful and really cared about us and our adoption. She emailed the rough draft on 1/23/09. We are currently in the process of proofing it and will then return it to her. After our final approval, it will be sent the the Department of Social Services and they will forward on to INS.
We both had our passport photos made this week and hope to apply for passports this week as well. I do have to check with our advisor, Cathy Harris of Ukrainian Angels to see if we should to ahead and file with INS and make appointment for fingerprints since we do not know exactly when the home study will reach them. I will do that via email tonight.
We are now know at church as "the couple adopting from the Ukraine." We joined the church last March and it is not a huge church, but we do have two services and sometimes we know people by face, but not by name. We are excited to have our church family and friends praying for us.