Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures & prayer requests

I just found out about Alex's art folder at school. It was FULL! He asked me to take a picture of him in these glasses that he made.
Playing in the tub with his surprises from Granny Carolyn.

With "fingerpaints" on his face.

Foam head

As you can tell, Alex loves to play in the tub. I love that smile and love our boy.
Please pray for a family who is at Alex's Baby House trying to adopt a little boy with Down's Syndrome. There is a problem with the paperwork that is totally out of the adoptive family's control. I am not at liberty to discuss the issue, but please pray for all involved - bio family, child and prospective adoptive family. We know that God is in control and know that He will do what is best.
Also please pray for Vera who is shown in one of the photos to the left - as well as another little girl, Vika - both with CP and both from Alex's Baby House. They had surgery this past week. We met Vera while we were there - she was in Alex's class and we fell in love with her. We are so excited that she is getting a forever family!
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