Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Decorations and Sad Reminiscing

Alex's Tree
Our home - Christmas 2011
Front Door Wreath
Tim's Star Trek tree
Family Tree - my mom made the tree skirt and stockings years ago!
Mantel - new decorations this year. I love it!

Twice lately, Alex has cried for the children left behind at the Baby House. He says that he misses them and that he wants them to have all his toys, all his books, etc. He also said that he never wants to go back there. We have reassured him that he will never have to live at the Baby House again and that Mama and Daddy are sending clothes, toys, etc. back there.

Alex had never said anything about this until we did the Joy Boxes to send to the Baby House. I think he has matured to the point that he realizes how blessed he is to have a family and a home of his own. It hurts so bad to see him this way because he is having the same thoughts and emotions that I experienced when we returned from Ukraine. I had problems sleeping because I would wake in the middle of the night with the children on my mind. Please pray for our son to find peace in his heart. We love that he is kind and tender-hearted, but it hurts us so much to see him upset and hurting.

Meanwhile, we got all of our Christmas decorations done this weekend. I had the brilliant idea that we, (meaning me), needed to redo all of the bows on our decorations. This was quite a task. Over the past several days, I made 25 bows - most of them today. Alex has his own tree in his room and he helped Daddy decorate outside yesterday and today. Hope you enjoy the photos.

By the way....Sasha the Elf is back to report Alex's behavior to Santa. Stay tuned for those updates.

Love to all,

R & T & A

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings

Alex as Buzz Lightyear and Woody as, well....Woody!

Alex loves Woody! Aren't they cute?

Alex's costume for school.

Buzz! - So proud!

Help Mommie! The mantle is squishing me! LOL!

Taking Flight!

Alex and his cousin, Jordan. Alex says that Jordan's mask was silly.

You have got to be kidding me! Uncle Barry tricked him with a bowl of rocks.
The look says it all.

We had a great time Trick or Treating. First, Grandma came by as we were getting ready. It was quite hectic trying to get Alex & Woody ready at the same time. Then, we went to the other side of town to see Granny Carolyn, Grandpa and Taco (their dog). Woody and Taco got along great, but Taco "got after" Alex when he tried to hug Granny Carolyn goodbye. He was jealous!

Then, we went to the other side of town to see Uncle Barry. Alex says, "Uncle Barry is crazy!" Then, we ended at Granny and Grandpa's house where we trick or treated them and then had pizza and tossed salad - which I am proud to announce that Alex ate! He is doing do good eating his vegetables.

Of course, we got to bed late and Alex had a bad behavior day at school today. He was on red and he doesn't get to watch TV tonight.

Alex starts gymnastics tomorrow. The pre-school has an association with the local YMCA and they go once a week. Alex has been asking to go for some time now and Tim finally agreed that he can go and signed him up today. Tim is an old-school, macho dad and he felt that it was for girls. Of course, Alex didn't help the matter when he told his daddy that he wanted to be a princess when he grew up. LOL!