Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Two Weeks Back at Work

Well, I survived my first two weeks back at work - it was nice to get almost a normal paycheck this week! And, Alex has done well in "school." He is at The Learning Vine which is right around the corner from the hospital where I work. He is actually in a K3 class where they have lessons and in the fall, he will have homework.

He has been pretty good in"school." I know that he has gotten time-out twice. Once for hitting another little boy with a block. I knew this because he said, "Miss Amanda say, NO! NO! NO!" When I asked him what he did, he told me that he did this (with a hitting motion with his hand.) I asked if he hit someone and he said, "yep!" So, of course, we had the talk about hitting.

Then, in the car he told me that he got timeout for running inside.

The Learning Vine has a behavior system that is a stop light. If they are on green they had a good day (0-2 corrections), yellow is 3-5 corrections and red is 6 or more corrections. So far, every day, Alex has been on green every day.

They had Bible School last week and the asked the children to wear cowboy hats, boots, etc. Alex doesn't have cowboy boots yet, but we got him a hat and a red bandanna and he wore it until he got into the building and he took it off. I don't think any of the kids wore them all day.

Friday when I went to pick him up, all of the children were int he music center listening to Jason Aldean's "Big Green Tractor", sung by children. Alex said everybody was dancing.

We are very please with his school and he seems to be very happy there.

Alex has his first dentist visit next Wednesday at 7:30am! I am sure he will do good because he has at all his doctor visits. He goes for his follow-up with the specialist in Greenville on August 20th and we hope he will then be released.

Work has been busy for me. I walked back in on the 14th and a new schedule was due out on the 18th. I got it out this past Tuesday. Although we have set schedules, I have to attempt to fill the needs from vacation, leaves, etc. before it is posted. I usually have two weeks to do this, but I survived!

Alex and I had dinner Friday night with friends, Rhonda, Randy and Jackie. Alex just loves them all, but especially clings to Jackie. I had to explain all the way home that Jackie and Rhonda were not coming home with us. I told him that Jackie was going to his mama's house and he thought that meant Alex's mama's house! He did finally understand though.

I have had a bad sinus infection all weekend and just taken it easy. Right now, Alex is in the kitchen with Tim and I love listening to the conversation. Alex is bad about grabbing things off the counter and running with them when you are trying to work. He just did that and was threatened with a trip to his room. He immediately said, "I be good boy!" Before that, he was playing with his keyboard and telling Tim about "musica." I also heard him say, "no sir, Daddy, no sir!" Wonder where he heard that from?

We continue to love and enjoy our little one.

Love to all,
R & T & A

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach Photos 2

Building sandcastles

More sandcastles

Feeding the fish at Broadway

Beach Photos 1

Carousel at Broadway at the Beach

Watching the baby ducks at Broadway

"Flying" the airplane at Broadway

Outside Ripley's Aquarium - he wouldn't be still for anything!
Riding the "race cars" with his daddy
This was the first time someone asked if Tim was his grandfather - and it was after he shaved off his goatee to look younger! We had a good laugh out of it.

Has it really been two weeks?

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I posted on the blog. We have been so busy!

Alex starts "school" tomorrow and I go back to work. Week before last, we ran errands and tried to get everything done before our beach trip - haircuts, vaccinations, records to the nursery, etc.

Last Saturday, we headed for our annual family beach trip - minus a few family members :-(.
Cousin Reid graduated on 6-4-10 - exactly 26 years to the date that his dad, mom and I graduated. We knew he wouldn't go with us - thinking he would go with his buddies. He made the American Legion Post 20 Baseball team and had to stay in town to play and practice. Cousin Jordan made the all-star baseball team and had the district tournament this week, so he and Aunt Nanci had to stay behind also, as well as Cousin Joshua. I am proud to announce that Jordan's team won the district and will be playing again next week for the region, I believe.

Alex was a trooper on the four hour ride to Myrtle Beach. He didn't even take a nap, but rode well. He does not have to be kept occupied. He is happy to play a little and mostly look out the window at the scenery and for horses.

Alex really didn't care for the ocean. The night that we got there, he told me, "Alex no like the ocean." Tim took him out twice, but he never would put his feet down. He did like seeing the fish swimming around and built a sandcastle once, but preferred to spend time in the "big pool" at our timeshare or in the lazy river/zero entry pool at our neighboring hotel where we have privileges.

We went to the aquarium and he really liked the stingrays and the scuba man who gave him a high five through the tank glass. He was amazed by the sharks swimming overhead, but we could not get him to pet the horseshoe crabs or the stingrays.

We went to Broadway at the Beach one evening to meet some friends and he loved feeding the carp and seeing the baby ducks in the lagoon. He rode rides for the first time ever and we were shocked that he went right on and even rode most by himself. He did cry and pitch a little fit when we tried to put him back in the stroller to walk on around the walkways.

Thank you for the prayers for my friend, Michelle who adopted three beautiful kiddos from Alex's orphanage. Their 10-day wait was waived and they were able to go to Ukraine and return in three weeks. Their new son will be going to St. Judes on Monday for a consultation for treatment for Leukemia. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

I will post some photos later. Blogger is not cooperating right now.

It is back to work tomorrow. I will try to keep posting weekly.

R & T & A