Sunday, July 4, 2010


Silly Boy - pants on the head

Check out those tan lines

Sacked out on Mama

Ready for first dental cleaning

Dental cleaning

And... because I don't think I ever posted this one...first day of "school"

Celebrating our son's first Independence Day!
Thursday night and Friday morning, Alex complained to Tim that it hurt when he urinated. So, off to the doctor we go. They did a urinalysis in the office and then sent us to the hospital with another sample. As we pulled up, Alex wanted to know where the airplanes were! I never looked at it that way, but the hospital is big like an airport and there were lots of people hustling around. Well, Alex missed lunch at school, so we went to McDonald's for lunch. He got back to nursery, it was nap time. They had the windows covered and soft music playing. By that time, I was wishing I had a nap time also.

The good news is that they did not find anything with the urinalysis and are growing a culture. The doctor said to just push fluids and said that he may even have a kidney stone because there was a trace of blood in his urine. She said to watch for any signs of pain in the abdomen. So far, he has had no symptoms of this, BUT - yesterday, Tim brought him in from playing outside and his temp was around 103! We gave him a chance to cool down, have a shower and it was still around 102. He didn't complain of anything hurting and he was running around like his usual self. I called Nurse Nanci, my sister and she said that if he is acting OK, then don't worry too much about the fever. We went on to the birthday dinner and gave him some generic Tylenol. By this time, he was flushed in the face and his ears were red. When Nanci got there, she told me that I could also give him Motrin, so we did that as well. He cooled down after that and was fine.

We watched fireworks around Granny & Grandpa's house and then came home late - way after Alex's bedtime. Uncle Barry also gave Alex his first lesson in lightening bugs. Alex was not very excited about the "mooka," but was interested that his behind lit up. The poor lightening bug met a tragic injury when he fell out of Uncle Barry's hand and was stomped upon by Alex.

Tim has bad respiratory junk going on and we figure this is Alex's problem as well, so we all slept in this morning. When Alex woke up, he had a fever again, but only 101 this time, so we dosed him again and he has been OK today.

Tomorrow, the nursery is closed and Tim and I have to work. The original plan was for Granny & Grandpa to keep him in the morning and for Granny Carolyn to keep him at Aunt Kim's (for backup) in the afternoon. Then, Granny Carolyn and Aunt Kim planned an entire day with Alex, going to the park, McDonalds, pool, etc., so they were going to keep him all day. Papa called today and said that cousin Kayla is sick, so we are back to the original plan. Thank you family!!!!

Alex had his first dentist appointment last Wednesday. He had four cavities - which we knew about. He was very good, but lost his balloon on the way to the car. He did get a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush.

I will leave you with a funny:
Me: "Alex, are you ready to eat lunch?"
Alex: "No baby, no!"
Loving our son!
R & T & A

Things are going well and Alex has been so good the past four days! No timeouts at all!

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