Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update on Children in the Buttons to the Left

All of the children listed in the buttons to the left are from the same Baby House where we got Alex from. They are all listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Sveta is available for adoption and needs a home.

Alina has a family waiting on her when she become available for international adoption in August, I believe.

Timofey is in his forever home and receiving treatment for an eColi infection for the next few months. He still faces surgery on his broken leg/hip - which will require replacement every two years.

Isaiah's forever family is in region now, attempting to adopt him. Please pray as they have hit a snag.

Niko, Sasha & Vera's forever family is in the paperwork process, awaiting their USCIS approval.

There are several other precious children available for adoption in this Baby House as well as hundreds of others with special needs listed on Reece's Rainbow who are from all over the world. If you are considering adoption, please consider helping one of these children. If you are not able to adopt, please consider sponsoring one of these children.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures & prayer requests

I just found out about Alex's art folder at school. It was FULL! He asked me to take a picture of him in these glasses that he made.
Playing in the tub with his surprises from Granny Carolyn.

With "fingerpaints" on his face.

Foam head

As you can tell, Alex loves to play in the tub. I love that smile and love our boy.
Please pray for a family who is at Alex's Baby House trying to adopt a little boy with Down's Syndrome. There is a problem with the paperwork that is totally out of the adoptive family's control. I am not at liberty to discuss the issue, but please pray for all involved - bio family, child and prospective adoptive family. We know that God is in control and know that He will do what is best.
Also please pray for Vera who is shown in one of the photos to the left - as well as another little girl, Vika - both with CP and both from Alex's Baby House. They had surgery this past week. We met Vera while we were there - she was in Alex's class and we fell in love with her. We are so excited that she is getting a forever family!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Home Four Months!

We have been home from Ukraine four months yesterday!

Alex has made amazing progress in those four months. He knows most of his colors, can count to 10, sing Jesus Loves Me, is learning his ABC song and Jesus Loves the Little Children, has greatly improved his coloring skills, speaks 99.9% English with an occasional mooka and la lukey thrown in, makes all his needs know, learned to pee pee standing up, and says his blessing and prayers. We do not have to constantly watch him when he is inside (to keep him out of places he shouldn't be), he falls asleep within 15 minutes of being put to bed, realizes consequences such as loosing privileges when he is bad and getting to do fun things when he is good. He eats many more things than he did four months ago and does not complain when he has to drink milk.

He is growing taller and has filled out, especially in his legs. He loves our dog, Chloe, horses, trains, and watching anything that goes 'round & 'round - fans, sprinklers, merry-go-round, helicopter blades, etc. Today he got to see a real helicopter and he was so excited! He has seen some far off, but today, he got to see one fly into the hospital and then take off later. He said it was a big, strong helicopter.

We are so excited that he has adjusted so well and that he loves his school. Last week, they told me that he has been hitting and trying to bite his classmates. They didn't tell me before because they thought he didn't understand timeout, etc. When they told me this, I fussed at him and told him he would get timeout at home for his behavior that day. At first, he smiled and then later, he began to cry. His teachers told me that he never shows that timeout bothers him - just smiled. So, now they tell him that they will tell his Mama and it must be working. Makes me feel like the meanest Mama, but it makes him behave. He is very proud that he has been a good boy in school and is telling everyone.

We are so happy to be Alex's parents. It is like he has always been a part of our family.

We love you, Alexander Jacob Dixon!

***Tried to add some photos, but it isn't working tonight for some reason. Will update with another post later of just photos.***

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Photos & Progress

Slinky Fun - look at that sweet smile!

Double Cantaloupe from Alex & Daddy's garden

PB&J Hands

PB&J Face


Upside down in the bed

Dirty Face
Alex was good at school today. No timeouts! And he has been good so far since I picked him up. We are proud of you Alex! Mama and Daddy love you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Boy

Alex has been bad at church and school this week.

Wednesday night, he got timeout at church. He would not sit at the table with the other children when he was told to do so. So, of course, he got timeout when he got home.

On Thursday, I was telling his teachers, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ashley about it and Ms. Ashley, said, "well, I have been meaning to tell you...." Uh oh - Alex has been hitting in school and tried to bite a little girl on Thursday. They said it doesn't phase him when they put him in timeout - he just smiles, so they think he doesn't understand. I assured them that he does understand. I talked to him and he began to grin when I was telling him that he is not to bite and hit. I had to take his face in my hands and make him look at me and tell him again in a stern voice and tell im that he would be getting timeout when he got home. He began to cry and cried all the way out the door into the car. I felt like the meanest Mama. When we got home, he had to go to his room and stay on the bed until Daddy got home.

Backing up a little - the "school" has a green light system. If the child has been corrected less than three times that day, their pin stays on green. If they have been corrected 3-5 times, their pin goes to yellow. If they have been corrected 6 or more times, they go to red. Alex has been on green every day, so we thought he was being good. I have only seen two little boys on yellow and they had a note attached to their pin that day.

Friday, Alex was on green, but I asked about him and he got timeout because he hit someone. Ms. Amanda said when she put him in time out he began to smile again, but she then told him she was going to tell his Mama and he stopped grinning and got serious. I had to run to Burkes Outlet after I picked him up and told him not to touch anything - well he touched everything. So, when we got home, he went in timeout on his bed without all his stuffed animals. When Daddy got home, we ate, Alex got a bath (with no toys or time to play) and went to bed with no movie and no stuffed animals. He usually sleeps with: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, big monkey, Mumbo penguin and two smaller monkeys. I think this was the worst punishment of all. Also, his daddy told him Friday morning that if he was good, he could get in his pool on Saturday, so he didn't get to play in the pool.

He was very good Saturday around the house and then today, they said he was good at Children's Church and Sunday School. He was not good with me while I was attempting to sign up for a time to have pictures made for the church directory. He was trying to pull me away and got loud, but at least no one was in Sunday school or services at the time.

That has been our week!

We head back to church tonight and pray that he will behave in Mission Friends tonight.
Before church, we have a meeting for anyone who is interested in going to Ukraine on a 9 day mission trip in April. I am going to the meeting and hopefully, will get to go on the trip. It is to the Zhytomir region.

As I was typing the closing, Alex was walking down the hall with Tim, trying to help him take some clothes to the laundry room. He could not see where he was going and walked right into the doorway! He wasn't hurt, but I heard him hit and all he said was OH! and laughed. We all got a good laugh out of it.

Love to everyone,

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First American Nickname

Yesterday when I went to pick up Alex at "school," his teacher told me that all of the children had been calling him Chicken Man and he was answering to it. She asked if there was a meaning behind it and if we called him that at home. Nope! I finally got Alex to explain that he was "chomping" and chasing the other kids and one little boy started calling him Chicken Man. I just asked and no one called him Chicken Man today. :-)

Today as we were leaving his classroom, a little girl grabbed Alex and gave him a big hug. He says her name is Calla, but then he says he doesn't know. I asked him if she is his girlfriend and he says, NO!

We have a new routine at night. After Alex gets his bath, he likes for me to hold him in my arms until he is about to fall asleep. He tells me every night, "sleep in mommy's arms." It is so sweet.

As I type this, Alex is riding around the den in his little car, telling me that he is going to the beach. He is ready for me to go with him. He decided that he had to go to the bathroom before he leaves for the beach and as he went into the bathroom, he said, "I love you more!"

Have I said lately that I love being his Mama?

Love to all,

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

This week, we would like to remember Tim's Aunt Betty who passed away. Her service was Thursday. She is truly one of the sweetest ladies I ever met and my mother-in-law's only living sibling. It has been a tough week for her. We love you Granny!

It has been really hot here this past week. I just checked the thermometer and it is 90 at 7:18pm. One day when I got in the car at work to pick up Alex, the thermometer read 111! Of course, it had been in the sun all day, but whew!!!

Alex's school has been trying to beat the heat - this week they had a pool party (wading pool) one morning and ice cream sundaes that afternoon. Normally, they go outside each morning and afternoon, but lately they have only been able to go out in the mornings.

This weekend, our town hosted the Festival of Discovery - a BBQ cookoff with teams from all over. Last year, it was featured on the Food Network. We have never been and had planned to take Alex to ride the kiddie rides, but it was just too hot to be on the asphalt today. Since he was a good boy, Daddy put up the kiddie pool and Alex got to play in it for a while.

Hopefully, next weekend, we will go to Simpsonville to Discovery Island waterpark. It is in Greenville county and part of their parks & rec department. Wish we had something like that here instead of driving 45 minutes to get there!

Last Monday, Alex's "school" was closed for July 4th. Tim and I had to work, so Granny and Grandpa kept Alex that morning and Granny Carolyn and Papa kept him that afternoon. He was sick all last weekend and had another fever when I picked him up. When Tim took him to Granny & Papa's, he didn't have one. Finally, that night, his fever began to break, but we kept him on meds through Wednesday night because he was running a low-grade fever and we didn't want him to miss his pool party. He was complaining of headache, sore throat and ear ache - basically the same thing that we have been passing around the family since our beach trip over a month ago. I think finally, we are all over it. Hate for my baby to be sick!!

Alex ate some of the first cantaloupe from his and Daddy's garden. I tried to get a picture, but he had just finished his last bite when I got the camera. He has already had cucumbers from the garden. He should have watermelon soon also. We have already had tomatoes, squash and peppers, but he doesn't eat those.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Silly Boy - pants on the head

Check out those tan lines

Sacked out on Mama

Ready for first dental cleaning

Dental cleaning

And... because I don't think I ever posted this one...first day of "school"

Celebrating our son's first Independence Day!
Thursday night and Friday morning, Alex complained to Tim that it hurt when he urinated. So, off to the doctor we go. They did a urinalysis in the office and then sent us to the hospital with another sample. As we pulled up, Alex wanted to know where the airplanes were! I never looked at it that way, but the hospital is big like an airport and there were lots of people hustling around. Well, Alex missed lunch at school, so we went to McDonald's for lunch. He got back to nursery, it was nap time. They had the windows covered and soft music playing. By that time, I was wishing I had a nap time also.

The good news is that they did not find anything with the urinalysis and are growing a culture. The doctor said to just push fluids and said that he may even have a kidney stone because there was a trace of blood in his urine. She said to watch for any signs of pain in the abdomen. So far, he has had no symptoms of this, BUT - yesterday, Tim brought him in from playing outside and his temp was around 103! We gave him a chance to cool down, have a shower and it was still around 102. He didn't complain of anything hurting and he was running around like his usual self. I called Nurse Nanci, my sister and she said that if he is acting OK, then don't worry too much about the fever. We went on to the birthday dinner and gave him some generic Tylenol. By this time, he was flushed in the face and his ears were red. When Nanci got there, she told me that I could also give him Motrin, so we did that as well. He cooled down after that and was fine.

We watched fireworks around Granny & Grandpa's house and then came home late - way after Alex's bedtime. Uncle Barry also gave Alex his first lesson in lightening bugs. Alex was not very excited about the "mooka," but was interested that his behind lit up. The poor lightening bug met a tragic injury when he fell out of Uncle Barry's hand and was stomped upon by Alex.

Tim has bad respiratory junk going on and we figure this is Alex's problem as well, so we all slept in this morning. When Alex woke up, he had a fever again, but only 101 this time, so we dosed him again and he has been OK today.

Tomorrow, the nursery is closed and Tim and I have to work. The original plan was for Granny & Grandpa to keep him in the morning and for Granny Carolyn to keep him at Aunt Kim's (for backup) in the afternoon. Then, Granny Carolyn and Aunt Kim planned an entire day with Alex, going to the park, McDonalds, pool, etc., so they were going to keep him all day. Papa called today and said that cousin Kayla is sick, so we are back to the original plan. Thank you family!!!!

Alex had his first dentist appointment last Wednesday. He had four cavities - which we knew about. He was very good, but lost his balloon on the way to the car. He did get a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush.

I will leave you with a funny:
Me: "Alex, are you ready to eat lunch?"
Alex: "No baby, no!"
Loving our son!
R & T & A

Things are going well and Alex has been so good the past four days! No timeouts at all!