Monday, August 22, 2011

Lost our friend

Pina Junior (PJ) Dixon

We lost our sweet PJ today. She was 17 1/2 and we thought we were prepared, but we were not. She had 9 teeth pulled last week as a last ditch effort to save her, but after that, she could not keep down food or fluids and we found out that her kidneys were not working properly. She had been at the vet's office since Friday and Tim and I went there today at lunch time and watched our sweet baby girl go to Rainbow Bridge.

Chloe is 9 years old now and she had surgery on Friday to remove some glads from the corner of her eyes. She has an allergy and the glands had become inflamed and painful. She is much better and has to go back Thursday for a re-check.

PJ never had much to do with Alex, since she was older when he came home. She just kind of avoided him since he is so lively and she was an old lady. He will be devastated when something happens to Chloe. He loves her and she loves him! She is 9 and the life expectancy of her breed is 10, so I dread the day that we have to handle that one - for all of us.

Alex knows that PJ is in Heaven with Jesus and he told me that we aren't supposed to be sad because she is with Jesus. From the mouth of babes.......

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IRS :-)

Our tax refund has FINALLY been issued! It should post to our account on Friday.

Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just for you, Conethia

Alex loves his Chloe & Chloe loves him.

Yes, his head is on the floor.

Alex begins his K4 classes on Monday. He has been in the class since May, but they will begin their real lessons on Monday. This means homework begins again. They had lessons throughout the summer. A lot was review. He can identify all of his upper case letters and almost all of the lower case letters. He can count to 49. Yesterday he told me all about a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. He loves his new class.

Our boy just keeps getting taller. He is now at least 42" tall and weighs 35 pounds. Just three more pounds and he can move into a booster seat and out of harness in the car seat!

The other day, I told Alex that for his birthday in October, we will take him to the zoo and he can pick one friend from church or school. He said he would like to take Noah. There is a little boy named from church who also goes to The Learning Vine. I said, Noah, huh? And he said, yep, Noah. You know, Noah with the Ark! At least I know he is paying attention in Sunday School.

We got to see our good friends, Al and Susan Goff and their sons, Matthew and Joshua. They live in France and Susan and the boys had not yet met Alex. Their boys are precious and so polite. They said that they enjoyed playing with Alex.

We also got to see our friends Rhonda, Randy & Jackie. Jackie lives in Dallas and we try to get together when he comes home. We went to Grits & Groceries last Saturday for lunch. It was so good and such a fun place. Check them out.

Alex got to go to his first movie a few weeks ago. We went to see Cars 2. He was anxious for it to begin and excited about eating popcorn. He was really into the movie and at the end, he clapped. So cute! Then, as I was getting everything together to leave, he burst into tears. I thought his leg was caught in the chair, but he was crying because, "I want to watch a movie!" It was over and he was heartbroken.

We hope that we will get to visit Vera soon. Vera was in Alex's group at the Nikolaev baby house and we fell in love with her when we were there. Vera now has a forever family and lives just 2 1/2 hours from us! She is the closest one to us from the baby house. I had planned to go see her several weeks ago and take dinner to the family, but I came down with a terrible stomach virus and didn't get to go. It has been so terribly hot here and just miserable! I hope to get to see her when it cools off.

We really haven't done much this summer. Alex has played in his kiddie pool and on the slip n' slide several times. We got him a new water toy that is a limbo or volleyball net that sprays water, but haven't had a chance to use it since we bought it. We may go to the water park this coming Saturday. Aunt Nanci would like for us to go with her and Jordan before school begins and Saturday will be our only chance.

We plan to go to the beach again in October. This will be our last October trip since Alex will be in K5 next year and will not be able to miss a week. We would also like to take a trip to Disney World before he starts school. Maybe we will get to go in early 2012. If we ever get our tax refund from the IRS. I am beginning to think this will never happen. We filed in March and sent additional information (all of our adoption receipts) in April.

Well... Alex wants me to play Lincoln Logs with him. Time to wrap it up.

Will update if anything exciting happens.

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