Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

This week, we would like to remember Tim's Aunt Betty who passed away. Her service was Thursday. She is truly one of the sweetest ladies I ever met and my mother-in-law's only living sibling. It has been a tough week for her. We love you Granny!

It has been really hot here this past week. I just checked the thermometer and it is 90 at 7:18pm. One day when I got in the car at work to pick up Alex, the thermometer read 111! Of course, it had been in the sun all day, but whew!!!

Alex's school has been trying to beat the heat - this week they had a pool party (wading pool) one morning and ice cream sundaes that afternoon. Normally, they go outside each morning and afternoon, but lately they have only been able to go out in the mornings.

This weekend, our town hosted the Festival of Discovery - a BBQ cookoff with teams from all over. Last year, it was featured on the Food Network. We have never been and had planned to take Alex to ride the kiddie rides, but it was just too hot to be on the asphalt today. Since he was a good boy, Daddy put up the kiddie pool and Alex got to play in it for a while.

Hopefully, next weekend, we will go to Simpsonville to Discovery Island waterpark. It is in Greenville county and part of their parks & rec department. Wish we had something like that here instead of driving 45 minutes to get there!

Last Monday, Alex's "school" was closed for July 4th. Tim and I had to work, so Granny and Grandpa kept Alex that morning and Granny Carolyn and Papa kept him that afternoon. He was sick all last weekend and had another fever when I picked him up. When Tim took him to Granny & Papa's, he didn't have one. Finally, that night, his fever began to break, but we kept him on meds through Wednesday night because he was running a low-grade fever and we didn't want him to miss his pool party. He was complaining of headache, sore throat and ear ache - basically the same thing that we have been passing around the family since our beach trip over a month ago. I think finally, we are all over it. Hate for my baby to be sick!!

Alex ate some of the first cantaloupe from his and Daddy's garden. I tried to get a picture, but he had just finished his last bite when I got the camera. He has already had cucumbers from the garden. He should have watermelon soon also. We have already had tomatoes, squash and peppers, but he doesn't eat those.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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