Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Boy

Alex has been bad at church and school this week.

Wednesday night, he got timeout at church. He would not sit at the table with the other children when he was told to do so. So, of course, he got timeout when he got home.

On Thursday, I was telling his teachers, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ashley about it and Ms. Ashley, said, "well, I have been meaning to tell you...." Uh oh - Alex has been hitting in school and tried to bite a little girl on Thursday. They said it doesn't phase him when they put him in timeout - he just smiles, so they think he doesn't understand. I assured them that he does understand. I talked to him and he began to grin when I was telling him that he is not to bite and hit. I had to take his face in my hands and make him look at me and tell him again in a stern voice and tell im that he would be getting timeout when he got home. He began to cry and cried all the way out the door into the car. I felt like the meanest Mama. When we got home, he had to go to his room and stay on the bed until Daddy got home.

Backing up a little - the "school" has a green light system. If the child has been corrected less than three times that day, their pin stays on green. If they have been corrected 3-5 times, their pin goes to yellow. If they have been corrected 6 or more times, they go to red. Alex has been on green every day, so we thought he was being good. I have only seen two little boys on yellow and they had a note attached to their pin that day.

Friday, Alex was on green, but I asked about him and he got timeout because he hit someone. Ms. Amanda said when she put him in time out he began to smile again, but she then told him she was going to tell his Mama and he stopped grinning and got serious. I had to run to Burkes Outlet after I picked him up and told him not to touch anything - well he touched everything. So, when we got home, he went in timeout on his bed without all his stuffed animals. When Daddy got home, we ate, Alex got a bath (with no toys or time to play) and went to bed with no movie and no stuffed animals. He usually sleeps with: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, big monkey, Mumbo penguin and two smaller monkeys. I think this was the worst punishment of all. Also, his daddy told him Friday morning that if he was good, he could get in his pool on Saturday, so he didn't get to play in the pool.

He was very good Saturday around the house and then today, they said he was good at Children's Church and Sunday School. He was not good with me while I was attempting to sign up for a time to have pictures made for the church directory. He was trying to pull me away and got loud, but at least no one was in Sunday school or services at the time.

That has been our week!

We head back to church tonight and pray that he will behave in Mission Friends tonight.
Before church, we have a meeting for anyone who is interested in going to Ukraine on a 9 day mission trip in April. I am going to the meeting and hopefully, will get to go on the trip. It is to the Zhytomir region.

As I was typing the closing, Alex was walking down the hall with Tim, trying to help him take some clothes to the laundry room. He could not see where he was going and walked right into the doorway! He wasn't hurt, but I heard him hit and all he said was OH! and laughed. We all got a good laugh out of it.

Love to everyone,

R & T & A

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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

We visited Zhitomyr while in UKraine. Nice town. You'll have a blast.