Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Beach Trip 2011 and such...

In the ocean

Next in line to stuff Tusk

"Bathing" Tusk

The finished product - Tusk!

Eating popcorn at the water park. He ate all morning!

This isn't from the beach trip, but it looks like Alex was trying to get his sexy on. For some reason and somehow, he twisted his shirt like this. Then, he had a hard time getting it off.

We had a great trip last week to Myrtle Beach with lots of family.

Alex had the following folks at the beach:

1 grandpa

1 grandmas

5 cousins

1 cousins' cousin

1 aunt

1 uncle

1 aunt's friend

1 aunt's friend's niece

1 Mama

1 Daddy

We stayed there Saturday to Saturday and had great family time. We mostly spent time on the beach or at the nearby water park (with the zero entry pool, 3 ft. deep bench pool, lazy river and an entire slide complex). Alex will not go on the slides. There is a huge bucket that dumps water and once it dumps, he is done for the trip. Aunt Nanci convinced him to go up the steps with her and thought they were safe from the dumping bucket, but they got drenched. Actually, Auntie got the brunt of the water.

Alex did not learn to swim last week, but he did make progress - learning to jump waves. He loved it! He also learned to hold his breath while Mama gently dunked him under the water. I just knew he would cry, but he laughed and was so proud!

We went to Tanger Outlets for a little while one night and on Thursday night, we went to Broadway at the Beach and Alex had his first Build-a-Dino experience. He made a Wooly Mammoth named Tusk. He also got to "ride rides!" He is a dare devil. He wanted to ride the Caterpillar and love it. Daddy got to ride with him. I have a photo, but it is really dark because it was really late. He wanted to ride the big swings, but Mama wasn't going to allow that! We did not get back to the condo until 11:15pm which was way past Alex's bed time.

My sister, two of her boys and her friend and friend's niece left on Thursday because one of the cousins had All Stars tournament. One cousin and his cousin (from the other side of the family) had to work, so they came down on Wednesday night.

Everyone who was still there on Friday night went out to Benjamin's to eat seafood. Alex mostly ate hush puppies, chicken and shrimp and he loved the coconut shrimp and fresh fruit.

Alex was very well behaved while we were at the pool, on the beach and doing any activity that he wanted to do. When we were doing something that didn't interest him, he acted out. I guess that is just part of being a four-year old. I was very proud of how he was in public most of the time.

It was a nice week and I really needed the break, but when I got back to work Monday, I had loads of work to do. I am still playing catch up. But, all is good and there have been some positive changes at work. I am so much happier now.

When I got home today, I had a message from our wonderful translator/facilitator, Olga. She is coming to the US later this month and will be in Florida for two weeks, then would like to visit Georgia and possibly South Carolina. We are making plans to meet up! I am so excited!

I am also excited because sweet Vera's family is hoping to have court on Friday. Please pray that their Interpol clearance will come in so they do not have to wait longer. We love reading their blog every day and reminiscing about our journey last year. Alex loves seeing Vera and asks about her almost every day. He says that he loves Vera and that she was always nice to him.

Love to all,

R & T & A

Sarah Palin's Letter to Family about Son Trig.


I tried and tried to copy and paste this onto the blog, but couldn't get it to paste. My step-brother posted this on facebook. He has a 38 year-old son who has DS.

No matter what your political views, this is touching.