Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sasha the Elf

Sasha the Elf arrives today to check on Alex and report back to Santa.

Updates to follow.

Sasha has his own blog at

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Better Late than Never

Getting to know baby Simba

Boo in the Zoo

Father and son

Alex and Mama with the elephant

"riding" the elephant

Trick or Treat at Papa and Granny Carolyn's
couldn't keep him still

Trick or treating at Grandpa and Granny's

First bike helmet

Proud of his helmet

....posting photos from Alex's Birthday on 10/29 and our trip to the
Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia on 10/30 - for his birthday.
He did OK at the zoo. You will notice that we finally had to put the harness on him. He does not like to hold our hand, but will not stay with us. It was OK when we were in an exhibit, but when we were walking around the zoo, he needed to hold our hand. We warned him time and time again and he wouldn't do as we asked, so out came the harness followed by a major meltdown. I had to take him in the restroom and then when we came out, he had to sit on the bench until he could calm down.

He has been very good in school the past two weeks. His teachers only reported on him one day and he pushed someone and took a toy from them. That day, they had pictures made and were off schedule, so his lunch was late and nap was late. These are two things that will throw him off. This also attributed to the zoo meltdown, I am sure. He came from such a structured schedule and we try to keep him on it as much as possible.
Alex is growing by leaps and bounds. He seems to have filled out and he is definitely growing taller. He is now in 4T shirts and 4T pants with adjustable waist. He cannot wear the 4T if they do not have the adjustable waist because they are too big, but he needs them for the length.
The video below was taken probably a month ago.
Will leave you with this little funny......


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