Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper Work!

We are still re-doing paper work.

We had to send our SLED background check back to SLED to have it notarized. Note to anyone pursuing international adoption & living in SC - the SLED background check must be on SLED letterhead and notarized by SLED. You will need to include a note asking for it to be notarized because they do not automatically do that.

We are again working with the doctor's office to assure that the medical certificate is correct.

Hopefully, we will have both the SLED clearance and the medical certificates back this week so that Tim can take everything to Columbia next week to have it apostilled.

Ukraine is at the moment letting people request submission appointments with only a home study. We are too close to do that, but it may mean that we need to expedite our translation as others will be trying to push their paperwork through.

Please keep us in your prayers. We know that the Lord has this all mapped out for us and that everything will happen in His time.

Updates will come as we complete each step.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Submission to UA

Yesterday, Tim faxed most of our paperwork to Cathy Harris of Ukrainian Angels (UA.) I thought we had done so well, but we have to correct some of the paperwork. Cathy reviewed on the same day and sent us feedback.

Most paperwork is only good for 12 months, but must not expire until 6 months after your anticipated travel date. So, we have to have a lot of things updated:
Here's a list:
  1. Home Study will need an addendum stating that everything remains the same since the original home study. Thanks to our wonderful Mrs. Smith - this will be in the mail to us tomorrow!
  2. Need a more recently dated copy of Social Worker's license card - again - Thanks Teresa!
  3. We had several papers that our notary signed, but did not date. No need to list all of those here.
  4. Our SLED background check was done with our home study and SLED just stamped NO CRIMINAL RECORD on the release/request that we sent them. It must be on their letterhead. So, we get to pay for this again.....
  5. We have to have our employment letters updated and they must be worded differently from the original ones. (SDA decided that they need to read differently.)
  6. Physician's forms must be updated and they need to have the international diagnosis codes for all diagnosis. I held on for 10 minutes yesterday trying to get an appointment to do this.
  7. Our statement from the Tax Assessor was not correct. I wrote down exactly how it needed to read, but they typed it the way they wanted to and Tim went back and got that corrected today.

Doesn't look too bad as much of this is an easy fix. AND - I surely would rather know and get it corrected NOW than have it submitted to the SDA and then be returned!

Looks like we may travel Oct. - Nov. now. I guess I'd better start looking for some good boots!

In other news - We celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! Hopefully we will celebrate our 25th anniversary with our child(ren.)

Please keep us and our future child(ren) and their caregivers in your prayers.