Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wishing for Warmer Weather.....

Yes! That's a pool at Alex's orphanage!
Beside the pool is a little sandy area with a metal frame for a covered cabana.
We feel that this is one of the better orphanages in Ukraine. The building is older, as most are here, but it is well maintained and has a large playground and smaller playgrounds all around. We are going to take lots of photos of the orphanage for Alex. This pool is outside of the connector hall/playroom.
It is COLD today and we are expecting snow tonight. At home, it is supposed to be in the 70's fahrenheit! Here, it is now 4 celsius, but Tim thinks our thermometer runs high.
This morning, Alex didn't want to go outside, but the caregivers are always encouraging us to take him outside. He cried and cried, but let me dress him without a struggle. Then, he cried all the way outside - loudly. We felt so bad! But, once he was outside, he settled down a little and when we gave him his orange, he was his happy self and played. He really wasn't ready to go inside when it was time, but he did. He now understands when we tell him it is time to go in. He will walk to the door with no problem. This morning, he took my hand and we had to beat his daddy inside and try to keep him outside.
This afternoon, if he doesn't want to go outside, we will not make him. It broke our hearts this morning.
I will leave you with this video taken last night. It is typical of our visits with Alex - especially the ending.

Hope it made you smile.


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The Lowe Family said...

He is simply PRECIOUS!
What an adventure this is for all of you. And such a blessing.
Your video made me grin ear to ear. Esp the very last part, I laughed out loud.

Teresa said...

What a beautiful smile! He will keep you busy for many years to come.