Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flight home confirmed!

We will arrive at GSP on Monday at 6:40.

Today went well at the Embassy and the medical. Alex was very good. He has a stuffy/runny nose and it is really sore. The doctor told us what to get to make him feel better, so we got cough medicine, ointment and nose drops. Alex is a real trooper and takes all of his medicine well. The cough medicine smells awful. I don't think I could take it!

Alex got to talk to his Granma and Aunt Nanci today on Skype. Of course, he hammed it up with more kisses and smiles! He got to see Granma's dog, Harley, so he wanted to know where Nanci's was too. He is fascinated by dogs, but is very guarded and will not get that close to them. We know that he will love Chloe and she will love him too. PJ will probably just bark until she gets used to him, by then, he will OK and

He didn't fight sleep tonight like last night. Last night, it took an hour for him to go to sleep. This afternoon, we fought for two hours for a nap - then gave up. Tonight, he was asleep within 15 minutes!

He still tests us when we tell him no, but time-outs are working well because he hates to be still.

I will get some photos of Alex and the apartment posted tomorrow. I was going to try tonight, but the cable is in the bedroom and we are not going to take any chances of waking Alex up!

We may have to move again Saturday! In fact, we will most likely have to move! I told Olga to just leave me on the side of the street. I am sick of moving!

I got to show my "road rage" today. We were getting in the car from the medical appt. and I didn't move fast enough for the person waiting behind us, so he blew the horn. I despise horn blowing unless it is a warning to prevent an accident. So, before I could catch myself, I told him to blow it out his butt! Olga just laughed. I would never make it driving in Kiev, that is for sure!

We go back to the Embassy tomorrow at 2:00 - then we should be all set to leave on Monday morning!

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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I have to laugh at your response to the rudeness of Ukrainian drivers!!! I admit, I am one of those "rush, rush" drivers myself. I hope you enjoy your last couple of days. Walk around a lot, take pics of everything and Alex in his home country. Blessings to you all.