Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love my boy....

Last night, Alex didn't want to go outside to play, so we went to the playroom - which is really a long connector hall. It is really nice with lots of windows, toys, swings, benches, playhouses, get the idea.

They have these large dump trucks that they have attacked ropes to so the children can pull them. We have been riding Alex in the trucks. Well, bless his sweet heart, he had a fit for Mama to get in the truck so he could pull me. Evidenlty, he has yet to learn that Mama is fat, overweight, rotund, whatever you want to call it. Tim finally put a stuffed animal in the truck and convinced him that he could pull it. Have to love that innocence.

He got his first two time-outs yesterday afternoon within two hours. The first one was for hitting me with the sippy cup. So, he got 3 minutes since he is 3 years old. His daddy timed it and I think he gave little Alex a break.

The second one was because he tried to start a fight with another little boy. He knows this little boy from his group and they have played together before, but when he walked by with the caregiver, Alex spoke to him, ran over to him and started flailing his arms and hands, swinging at him. So - another time out. You would have thought we were beating him by the screams as I made him sit down and held him there. But, no tears. I have yet to see a tear from him.

We took today off because I am still trying to recover from this bad sinus mess. Alex kept trying to get me to drink after him last night and of course, there are kisses and I do not want him to get sick, plus, I have felt so bad, it has been a chore just to get there, must less chase him around for 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

When I woke up this morning at 6am, it was snowing and continued throughout the morning. It warmed up, so the snow is now gone - leaving a muddy mess. The ground had just dried up for the first time since we got here!

Looking forward to some fun time with our little Alex tomorrow. Will post some photos tomorrow.

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MamaPoRuski said...

A lot of the acting out, improper interactions with others, goes away quickly in America. Unfortunately that behavior of attacking eachother is never really addressed by the orphanage, even in the older ones...
Sorry about your sinuses! We brought Nyquil with us this last trip, but were also pleasantly surprised that the APTEK has Loratidine (Claritin) for really cheap! We still have some we are using a year later here at home. The name is the same in Russian and English so if you think it will help you can just ask for loratidine. HUGS!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Yes, that acting out is very common and also very unsupervised. Our boy just didn't want us around any other kids. We were HIS moma and papa! Enjoy your sweetie!

Jeri said...

It's so hard for the kids because one caregiver might be extremely harsh and the next, let's them get away with anything. I saw one at my son's that barked like a drill sergeant and the kids were obviously afraid of her yet another one let kids stand on the tables and spit to the floor.

You are so right to not let him get away with anything and set the tone for consequences from the get go. Our son has many, many mental health issues due to abuse and if I had a do over, I'd look into play therapy as soon as your son is acclimated to home. It's play, their language, it's fun and it can work. Our son's case is extreme (from the Sumy area) and we didn't learn about play therapy until he was ten, which was too late.