Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Day Take 2

Yesterday while I was bloggin about our routine, my mom called and I forgot that I was in the blog. Afterwards, when Tim got on the computer, he saw it and I just told him to cancel it.
Don't know what happened, but only the title showed up.

A was a little difficult yesterday morning - he didn't want to get dressed. So, it took about twice as long. And, then he was fine on the playground - until it was time to go inside - meltdown! One of the ladies who cleans up outside and tends the gardens helped us with him. He had a stick and didn't want to put it down to go inside - she got him to "help" her by putting it in her bag with the other sticks. He was fine then and went inside, but became a rag doll when it was time to undress.

Yesterday afternoon, he was much better getting dressed and even had to help Mama and Daddy with their zippers. My coat has zippers and buttons - so your guessed it - I had to button every button also. These children are really trained to bundle up!

We had a good time playing and he enjoyed the sunflower seeds & juice we took for his snack. We are teaching him to be "easy." He grabs his snacks out of our hands and we want him to politely take them. He has even learned to say easy.

He is doing better every day with his English by repeating anything we have asked him to. He seems eager to learn and to please us and likes being told that he is a good boy and a big boy.

At the playground, there is a little area that looks like it may have once been a fountain. It has wood carvings of Vikings in to. The children love to get in there and play "cuckoo." We all climb down in there and play, then Tim and A get out and A always helps me out. So cute!

Yesterday, he saw one of his friends on the playground and they shook hands and said, pree-vyet. Then, later he hugged the little boy and gave him his balloon.

There is a man here, Eric who spends time with the little boys almost every afternoon. He will take one and walk and teach them things, like the aforementioned handshake. He is close to A and he talked to him about us being his Mama & Papa. When we first met him, I was afraid that he wanted to adopt A himself, but now I think he was just being protective and explaining to A that we are his Mama and Papa. We see him almost every day and if A meltsdown, Eric tells him to behave - from what we can tell. He even wanted to take our photo with him, so we now know that all is OK. We took some photos of him with A for his scrapbook.

All is well here and we are anxious to get to court on Friday. We are going to request that the 10 day wait be waived, but do not expect it to happen. Our translator said it is rare in this region. But, if we don't ask, we won't have a chance and all they can do is say no.

I didn't go visit this morning because I woke up with a sore throat and sinus "junk." Tim has gone to the market. He will have to pass the orphanage, so I bet he will stop and see A if he is outside. We will both go this afternoon.

Love to all,

R & T & A

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David and Susan said...

I am just so loving getting on the blog and reading what you have posted...I has been wonderful. Hope you are feeling better. Just wondered how long most say that it will take A to learn english?