Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things we miss & some tips

Thought we would list some of the things we miss from home:
  1. Family, friends & pets
  2. Our Church
  3. Hot water
  4. Clear water
  5. English
  6. Diet Coke/Pepsi
  7. Ice cubes
  8. Telephone conversations
  9. Work
  10. Things beginning on time
  11. Our cars
  12. Duke's mayonnaise
  13. Soft, white bread
  14. Beginning of spring in South Carolina - daffodils are blooming at our house.
  15. Lettuce
  16. Dental Floss - I ran out and you will not find it here.
  17. Green grass
  18. Network TV & music in English
  19. Clothes dryer

**Please note that these are not listed in any certain order with the exception of the first two and they are a tie!

Things we brought and are glad we did:

  1. Bible
  2. Comfortable, waterproof boots
  3. laptop
  4. iPod Touch - loaded with songs and books from Barnes & Noble - we aware - you cannot purchase ebooks from Barnes & Noble outside of US and Canada.
  5. Smaller digital camera with video capability vs. Digital Rebel - due to weight & size
  6. Backpack
  7. Splenda tablets
  8. Rita's Pillow
  9. Warm jackets - Down for Rita & fleece lined for Tim
  10. 3 electric adapters
  11. Russian/Ukrainian Phrasebook for Children - Thanks Amy!
  12. Ukraine cellphone - Thanks Amy!
  13. Money belt - again - Thanks Amy for lending us these!
  14. Crystal Light drink mixes
  15. Instant oatmeal
  16. Tuna
  17. Lance crackers
  18. Leggings for Rita
  19. Folding, "green" bags for groceries. You have to buy your bags here, so the three that my mom gave us have come in handy. Thanks Mama!
  20. Over the counter medicines. We brought a little of everything and it came in handy.

Things we brought and didn't need or could have survived without

  1. Tim's down jacket
  2. Thermal bottoms for Tim
  3. Travel iron - each place we have rented so far has had one.
  4. Electronic Translator - it was loaded with Ukrainian and we really needed Russian. Have the discs to update - at home in the US!
  5. Extra gloves for Rita
  6. Gloves for Tim
  7. Ladies - find a hat you love and just bring one. I brought 1 knit, 1 fleece, 1 headband plus 180 brand earmuffs and have only used the fleece hat and the earmuffs.
  8. Dress pants for Rita & trouser jeans - I suggest one pair of black dress pants and bring 3 pairs of jeans. I wore my black one (knit, stretch) to travel here, to the SDA appt. and to court. Will probably wear them or trouser jeans on Gotcha day!
  9. Umbrella - have not used it yet.

A few fashion tips:

  1. I read a lot before we left about the people of Ukriane dressing up more that those of us in the US. I found that to be true in Kiev where we were mainly in the downtown, business area. Some of the ladies in the govt. offices had on jeans. If you are comfortable in your jeans - bring them and wear them.
  2. Ladies - if you travel in the winter, be prepared to tuck your jeans into your boots or cuff them. At home, we like to wear our pants long and when combined with wet, cold, dirty streets, it is very uncomfortable - I know from experience.
  3. You can wear your cropped pants with boots. I saw a lot of that here as well as knee shorts with taller boots.
  4. The footwear fashion here is the higher the heel, the better. I had enough trouble walking in the snow, must less wearing heels! I fell twice - once in my Danskos when we first arrived and then, once on ice wearing my great Timberland boots.
  5. Bring comfortable, dark clothes because you will wear them two days. Now, I rotated mine and wore the pants twice, but not the same shirt two days in a row. Tim - on the other hand, didn't care if he wore the same thing two days in a row. Everyone here does it anyway - for the most part.
  6. I mention dark clothes because we have been in snow, ice and mud. When the snow melted, there was mud and the couple of days without snow and mud, it was dusty.
  7. Don't bring anything that you are too attached to. You will be sick of everything after wearing the same thing over and over.
  8. Dress in layers in the cold weather. I would bring cardigans with a short-sleeved t-shirt to wear under them. Once we get into the orphanage, it is like an oven! Most of the workers wear short sleeves. I brought turtle necks and they are too warm under a sweater when you are inside.
  9. Bring some type of house shoe. It is customary to remove your shoes once you enter a home. If you saw my boots - you would know why.
  10. Makeup - if you have a certain brand, bring it with you. Haircare - once again, if you have a certain brand, bring it with you. We did buy a hairdryer once we got here, but I have survived the entire trip without a curling iron. Can't wait to get home for a color & cut!

I can actually say that the only thing I wish we had brought, but didn't was the discs for the electronic translator. I just asked Tim and he agreed.

We are moving into town tomorrow, so not sure if we will have time to post, but will if we can. Of course, I will post photos of that apt. at some point.

Love to all,

R & T & A


ourgirlsstory said...

I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. I will pray for y'all. My husband and I started the procces on July 24 and we have our SDA appt on March 25. We learned about 2 sisters last summer and knew as soon as we seen there picture we were in trouble. We are empty nesters and was not planning on starting over. The girls are 9 and 12. We got to have the 9 year old for the holiday and it was wonderful. I can't wait to meet the older one. If you would like to follow along on our Journey feel free to check out our blog. Good luck and I will check back to keep up on the progress. Striving to Serve HIM. Lynn

MamaPoRuski said...

Just checking in! How is the new place? Praying for you, can't wait till you take him home for good! God bless!