Sunday, March 28, 2010

The first week home

Tomorrow marks one week since our return home.

God bless the USA. Don't get me wrong, the people of Ukraine were all polite and more than willing to help us out - we even had some laughs about the language barriers. But, we surely missed the conveniences of home and of course, our families and friends.

On Tuesday, we tried to sleep in, but we were up and about by 9:00 am. We went to Wal*Mart that night to pick up a few things and for the house - and my DENTAL FLOSS! By the way - I did finally find some in a store in Nikolaiv. Alex slept with me this night, but it was his last night in our bed. He began sleeping in his big boy bed by himself on Wed. night. So nice to finally sleep with my hubby for the first time since we got Alex! - Oh, and Chloe was glad to be back in the bed with us as well.

Alex has made great strides this week. He no longer tries to cram all of his food in his mouth all at once and he had overcome his fear of Chloe & PJ. He calls them Clovey & Peja! So cute. He only wakes up once during the night to go "peesit." He is getting better and I wish I could say he hadn't had a spitting episode in a while, but he had one today. We went to church this morning and we kept him in the worship service. He got a little squirmy at the end, but he made it through. Then, he ate his snack of goldfish, biscuit and a cookie and "juicea."

As far as eating goes, we have learned a good time for his dinner and to try things more than once because he will not like something once, then the next time, love it.

So far, he has enjoyed: weiners, mashed potatoes, french fries, chicken & dumplings, cucumbers, tomatoes, grits, sausage, eggs, and of course, bread. He loves goldfish crackers and chocolate animal crackers as well as gogurt and apple sauce.

We took Alex to my work on Friday and everyone had a fit over him. He did good, but did have an episode where he bit me. We are still working on that, but he is getting better.

Overall, we are happy with his progress. He is stubborn, but he has a stubborn Mama, so what can I say?

Please keep Dr. & Kirby King in your prayers. They are in Kazakhstan adopting and have met many obstacles, but are in the 14 day bonding process with a little 5 year-old boy.

Love to all,
R & T & A

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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Great to hear things are progressing. Can you believe its been a week home already?! The food thing is a common factor for many kids. Our style of cooking is just different, I guess. Give that little one a hug for me.