Friday, March 5, 2010


Alexander Jacob "Alex"

He is officially our son. We do have a 10 day waiting period and can take him from the orphanage on 3-16-10.

We plan to move into the city on 3-15-10 to be closer to the offices we need to visit to complete all paperwork. Plus, the downtown area has restaurants and shops all along a "walking street." There is just more to do there and we think we will enjoy the time there with Alex.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and prayers!

R & T & A


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Oh heavens is he sweet!

jon said...

Hurray! That is such good news and we are so thrilled to see how God has brought him into your lives! Quite an adventure, isn't it?! We are on day 7 of our 10-day wait (11 for us actually since Monday is Women's Day) and can't wait to take our two little girls from their orphanage in Khmelnitsky--hopefully next week if all goes well with passports. What town are you in? Blessings, Jill and Jon Nelson

The Lowe Family said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!

What a beautiful family!

Tom said to tell you congratulations as well.

What a dream come true. Alex is just precious.

Tim & Rita said...

Hey Jon.
We are in Nikolaiv.
Congrats on your two girls.
I will have to go online to see just where you are. I let Alex have our little atlas because he loved looking at the flags and we haven't seen it since!

Kelly Karlen said...

Woo hoo!! Congratulations!! God is so good. He is really a cutie and you look like a happy family. I wish you a speedy finish to this crazy process. Hang in there! You'll be home soon. Here I am - one year later - wishing I had taken more videos of our son speaking Ukrainian. We were so wrapped up in teaching him English. Now the Ukrainian is forgotten and he loves to go back and watch those old videos. Document as much as you can. As hard as it is now - you will look back on this time with such fondness. God bless your new family!

Teresa said...

I enjoy reading your daily postings. This one is the best of all (so far...) Hang in there, those 10 days will fly by and you will soon be heading back to wonderful South Carolina!

Brenda said...

Wow, he really reminds me of my son when I got him. He is also an Alexander but goes by Zander. We are Ukrainian Angels family 358. Congratulations on your new son!!!
Brenda Harris

nlbearden said...

Well its been a long time coming - FINALLY an AUNT !! I am so proud of you both - You will make great parents and I love you both !! It is a challenge and one that I have not ALWAYS succeded at but you have to make mistakes to grow and learn - AND you will make mistakes - Just love him and the good always out weighs the bad - Those little tantrums are nothing - there will be so much more joy and pride than sorrow and shame !!! Love you again !! Justin, Josh and Jordan are soooo excited - Can't wait for cousin Alex to get home !!!

Tim & Rita said...

Jon & Jill
Looks like you are in western Ukriane. We so wanted to go to the Zhytomyr region because that is where our church missions are conducted, but God had other ideas and we are right where we belong to get our precious boy. Too bad we will not be in Kiev at the same time.

Nan and Dan said...

congrats!! what a cutie!

jon said...

Kiev would have been fun together...Next adoption!


Jon and Jill

MamaPoRuski said...

He is soooo handsome! It's amazing how you all look like family already! God bless your continued journey in country, it really is downhill from here! Hope it's a quick one!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

My goodness!!! He is beautiful! He looks a lot like the two of you. Congrats! Such a hard road but of so worth it!! He is an amazing boy. Blessings to you all!!