Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photos of Apartment in Mykolaiv

Looking from our balcony towards the road and train tracks. Notice the dogs.
There are strays everywhere.
Looking out our enclosed balcony

Outside our kitchen window - laundry on the line

Master bedroom

Den with our laptop set upDen - please excuse the ironing board

Kitchen "table" - it rolls on a track

Kitchen - gas stove, washer behind lower cabinets beside stove &
hot water heater in upper vented cabinet

Stove & sink - Tim was cooking supper, but wouldn't let me take his picture.

Cabinets in entry hall. The refrigerator is behind the first door.

Entry with our dirty boots. Notice the cable - it is for the internet and
we have it pulled into the den

The outside of the apartment is not that great. The inside is very nice! One of the ladies who works at the orphanage actually moved out to rent us her apartment. That was really nice and a chance for her to make some extra money as well. We are just a 5 minute walk from the orphanage and about 15 to the market.
Have to run. Just got a call that the owner of the apt. will be here in 40 minutes to water her plants and get some more clothes.
Until later,
R & T & A

Today, we stayed in and rested all day. We have both been having some back problems and the cold weather has all of my joints hurting.

Tim did venture out to the outside market and came home with tangerines for A's groupa, some apples and some delicious pickles homemade by a sweet little babushka.

We are excited to see A tomorrow.

Enjoy the photos.


Nan and Dan said...

wow!! once again you guys hit the apartment lotto!! so happy the visits are going well :)

adoptedthree said...

Congratulations on finding your son! What an amazing journey it is and enjoy each day in Ukraine as these are memories that you will have forever.