Thursday, February 25, 2010

Court Date

Just for Conethia...a self portrait of "A."
We got a call this morning while playing with "A." Our translator and driver/POA came to pick us up from the orphanage to go and sign paperwork for submission for court date.

Our court date is next Friday, 3-5-10.
We did not visit this afternoon as we were gone most of the day submitting paperwork. We got Olga & Sasha to drop us off at the market and bought food for supper and walked back to the apt.
We had a great visit this morning. We have bought some clothes for "A" and yesterday, as I was tying his boots, one broke. We took his new shoes to him today and he was so excited! Then, he really wanted to break them in. I bet we walked around the grounds at least 5-6 times in an hour. He was pushing a little play stroller with a balloon in it. He worked so hard on that task that he rubbed a blister on his little hand. Made me feel like a bad mama.
So, we just had a great supper prepared by Tim. Some type of beans - pintos, we think and cabbage. Almost like at home!
We are so excited that we found this wonderful little boy and can't wait to get him home to meet his family!
Keep praying. We still have no news on the INTERPOL check.
R & T & A


Conethia and Jim Bob said...


Great news on the court date!

Nan and Dan said...

woo hoo on the court date!!
I hope you hear really soon on your interpol clearances!
god luck :)

The McEacherns said...

Congratulations on getting a court date quickly! We'll be praying for the Interpol clearances to come through by then.

Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Love the self portrait! Wonderful to hear you found your little angel! Yay for your court date. We will be praying the interpol comes back soon. Take care!