Monday, February 8, 2010

Not much progress

We are still in the good ol' USA. We finally left GSP at 7:20 last night for our 2:35 flight.
When we got to our Lufthansa connection, there was only one other passenger there - a nice gentleman from Ukraine who was trying to get to Austria.

All three headed to the United customer service - since we all came in on United - it was definitely an adventure = cursing, crying, screaming. They threatened to call the police on a 15 year-old girl for cursing at one of the United employees. Evidently it is a 3rd degree misdemeanor to curse in public in Virginia. Good law!

Tim finally got Lufthansa on the phone and found out that we are supposed to fly out at 6:10 tonight. So, we are at the Sheraton-Herndon - Dulles and will head back to Dulles at 11:00.

The main roads have been plowed as well as the drive to the hotel. Hope to get some photos when we go out today.

I hear the 2nd plane in the last few minutes, so hopefully we will get out of here tonight. Glad we left early and glad that we


Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Oh no! We will be praying you are able to make your flights and your SDA appointment!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Prayers for you guys!