Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leaving tomorrow

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support.

I am afraid we went a bit overboard on packing, but I cannot think of anything I can take out that would make a big difference. We have our two large rolling suitcases to check, laptop case, small rolling carryon, Tim's CPAP machine and a shoulder tote to carry on.

I have 3-4 books downloaded on my iPod Touch for reading and 2 small paperbooks. We have Tim's Study Bible and 3-4 movies to watch on the laptop. I downloaded some Sesame Street on the laptop and some games as well.

Kelly - thank you for your post. I needed that today. We know that God as led us this far and will "straighten all the curves and smooth all the rough spots," as my BFF emailed me yesterday.

I have been a bundle of nerves and emotions this last week, especially today.

Family and friends have been wonderful. My BFF and her sister - also my good friend and I went to get a pedicure Thursday night and it was nice to have some girl time and laugh with them. My sister, her three boys, my mom and ourselves went out to eat last night and it was nice to spend time with everyone before we go.

We will go to early service tomorrow and have invited family members to join us. After the service, we will come home and change and get ready for Tim's parents to take us to the airport.

We will try to keep the blog updated.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us in so many ways.

God's will be done....


R & T


Teresa said...

I can only imagine you are a bundle of nerves right now. Don't apologize for "overpacking" - just pay the overage fee & be done with it. I pray that you will have safe travels as God prepares your child(ren) for your arrival.
Please do your best to keep your blog posted - - it will be invaluable as you look back in years to come & laugh at some of your "adventures."
God bless.

Nan and Dan said...

good luck!!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! We took checked bags in winter too! Since you need to layer in Ukraine during winter i am sure all will come in handy! Praying blessings for your trip, as well as for a sense of adventure with a dash of humor! GOD BLESS!