Friday, May 28, 2010

May comes to an end

No big events this week. Alex and I played in the kiddie pool two days. The weather has been nice most of the week with the exception of Sunday night when storms blew through and did damage at Tim's parents' house and two streets from his brother's house. There was a little damage near us, but nothing like last year's tornado - praise God.

I lost a dear friend this week. Renee Cameron was a RN who I have worked with since 2007. She and her husband were in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and he died instantly. His service was last Sunday and she passed away last night. They were in their early 50's and leave behind one daughter and two grand-sons. Renee and Bruce were the epitome of love and were such a neat, Christian couple who had a motorcycle ministry. She will be greatly missed.

We got the blood work results back from Alex's visit to the specialist and he needed three booster vaccinations. We went today to get those. He had to have: chicken pox, HIB and prevnar. He did great. He did shed a couple of tears, but was very brave. After his shots, we went by Tim's work so he could tell Daddy how brave he was and then I took him to WalMart for a reward. I honestly thought he would choose the Toy Story since he has watched it almost every night since Mother's Day, but he choose Shrek. So - we got the Shrek Trilogy. He has already watched the first one.

Speaking of movies - Tim DVR'd Happy Feet and we have watched it at least once every day this week. The other night, Alex was in bed and had to go to the bathroom. He came down the hall doing his happy feet with a big smile on his face! I think he just wanted to get out of bed and the bathroom was an excuse, but it sure did make me smile.

We leave for the beach one week from tomorrow! Alex's cousin, Jordan, (7 y.o.) made the All Star baseball team and they play that week, so he and my sister will not get to go this year. Our oldest nephew, Reid made the American Legion team and they play that week, so he doesn't get to go either. Since Jordan can't go to the beach, we are having a sleepover tomorrow night. Jordan will come around lunch time, they will get to play on the swing and in the kiddie pool - if the weather holds out. We may go to see the new Shrek movie also.

Alex's phrase of the week: "What are you doing?" He asks this to everyone he talks to on the phone and to me all the time. Another thing he likes to do is look for the American flag and say America! He and I went to Old Navy the other day and got him and Daddy matching Old Navy American Flag 2010 tees. I got one also that is another color. Love to get these $5 shirts! They hold up well. Tim still has one from 2005.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend other than cooking brisket and BBQ Boston butt. There is a Catfish Festival in my best friend's town and she just called to see if we wanted to go up there tonight, but I am tired and am afraid that Alex will get ill if we let him stay up too late - especially since he had those shots today. He is running a low-grade fever from the shots.

Every year, our town hosts the South Carolina Festival of Flowers. I think it was two years ago that they started a topiary display. I have always wanted to get photos of the topiaries, but have always waited too late. I hope we can go up there maybe on Monday to take some photos of Alex and the topiaries. We saw them today and they are awesome. There are: giraffes, alligator, sea turtle, dolphin,Jeep, Camera (for Fuji which has a plant here), butterfly, and a Lion. I am sure there are more that I haven't seen.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Please remember those who gave their lives so that you could live yours in freedom and those who are fighting for freedom today.

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