Friday, May 7, 2010

Alex's Room

The photos in the puzzle piece frames are of Alex's groupa, Gotcha Day and one of him and Ina - his favorite Nannie from the aby house. I left the Boxer stuffed animal, pillow and quilt since Chance died - I couldn't bring myself to move it. Will probably put it up for safe keeping soon.

The cedar chest was my grandmother's. My dad had it refinished about 4-5 years ago and I have our blankets in it. I really need to find somewhere else to put it because I found Alex working on it with his "hammer" the other day and it is getting scratched. I finally taught him not to walk on it.
I looked and looked for wall decals to match his room and finally found some the other week at Kohl's - half-price! He really likes them around the TV. I think I am going to get two more packs and bring them down under the TV and wrap over the bookshelf. I would actually like more bookshelves and may make some. I found this neat site ( with patterns and can make two good-sized bookcases for $60 out of wood and MDF - definitely sturdier than the Big Lots ones in there now. They look slanted in the photo, but I think the TV is not exactly straight.

I bought this duvet a year before we travelled when Linens n' Things was going out of business. I just loved the soft colors with the splash of lime green! I thought this would work for either a boy or girl and it has been pretty easy to find things that coordinate.

I originally wanted to use a monkey theme and Alex loves monkeys - but I thought that he would outgrow the monkeys fast. So - I showed him photos of monkeys, jungle, trucks, construction and the ocean/beach theme and he liked the beach theme best. We still have some animals thrown in the mix and he loves them too! We love the beach and go twice a year, and he came from a shipping town, so it just "fit." Our good friends gave us the personalized quilt at our shower and it was a perfect fit for the one wall that was bare! Our 7 year-old nephew, Jordan loves the room and suggested that we paint the wall behind the bed - the one with the palm print - ocean blue. I may do just that!

Alex picked out all of the artwork on the walls with the exception of the personalized quilt - which he loves and wants to pull down to sleep on - of course, I won't let him. He definitely has an opinion on what he likes and doesn't like. He will quickly say "this one!" or "like it!" and has for some time now. If he does not like something, I will not buy it for him - especially in clothes because he will not wear what he doesn't like.
I was about to brag that Alex had been good today and hadn't gotten a time out or sent to his room, but about 15 minutes ago, as Chloe was coming through the doggie door, he tried to push her back out by her face. We have really had a time teaching him what is appropriate behavior with the dogs. He loves her, but I guess he just doesn't understand yet that he has to treat her as good as he does people. Anyway - he has been very good and loving today - until that incident and the meltdown that followed - dropping to the floor and refusing to walk to his room. Technically, he is not in time-out and can play - but he is in there until his daddy gets home - which should be soon.

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Welcome home! Congrats!