Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The past week

Alex continues to learn new words every day!

Right now he is watching Sesame Street and flapping his arms like the penguins and Grover and laughing!

He still loves reading and learning. His new favorite movie is Toy Story - thanks Lynn and family! He watches it every night and sometimes during the day also. He loves Buzz and Boody (Woody.) I used his little Leap Frog Alphabet tool to try to teach him that it is W for Woody. He is saying it clearer and can pick out the W and tell us it is for Woody. He can also pick out the A for Alex. This is the little boy who was supposedly developmentally delayed.

We are now giving Alex Flintstone vitamins with iron. We did not do this at first because it reads for children 4 and older, but his bloodwork came back and his iron is low, so he is now taking these and drinking a Carnation Instant Breakfast every day for a snack. I usually have him drink 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon.

On Monday, we went to Lexington with my dad (Papa) and step-mother (Granny Carolyn) to visit our Aunt Pat. She worked at a school and is great with children and possibly the sweetest person on the earth! Alex loves her and said Aunt Pat very clearly. He enjoyed the ride down there, playing with Granny. He took a little nap on the way back. It was nice for Daddy and Mama Carolyn to get to spend some more time with Alex and learn how well he is doing and how fast he is learning. I know he was concerned about our decision to adopt abroad, but now knows that we did the right thing.

On Sunday, a dear friend from work and her husband were in a motorcycle accident. He was killed (only 53 years-old) and she is in critical condition in Greenville. She was transferred there yesterday. Please pray for Renee and her family. They only have one daughter and she is dealing with the death of her father and the possibility of losing her mother as well. They had a Christian Motorcycle ministry and traveled to Washington, DC each Memorial Day to minister.

This afternoon, we will play on the swing and/or in Alex's kiddie pool and then we have church. It is the last night for Angel Choir, so they are having a pizza party for the kiddos. He didn't really get to start in Angel Choir due to timing, but hopefully he can start again in the fall and will be able to perform the next time they do a program.

I have two friend in Ukraine right now who are adopting. One is in her ten-day waiting period and is adopting her 5th child - all boys! The other couple had their SDA appointment at 9:30 this morning which would have been 2:30 am our time. They may very well be headed to their region as I type. They are adopting three special needs children from the same baby house where we got Alex! I am so excited for them and admire their dedication. They have three little girls at home, so they will have a BIG family. Love it!

Until next week or something memorable happens!
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