Thursday, May 13, 2010

Such a BIG BOY!

Alex has his appointment at the Pediatric Specialist on Tuesday. She said that he is in the 75th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight. She said not to worry yet because without having family history, we do not know if he is naturally tall and lean. She is running all types of tests, including ones for parasited, lead, and titers to verify what vaccinations he will need.

While we were there, they did a PPD test and drew blood. Alex pulled back a little from needle on the PPD test, but they used numbing cream for the blood draws and he whimpered a little, but no tears. Such a BIG BRAVE BOY! He had to be stuck two times because the vein collapsed on the first stick. I was so proud of him.

He also had about two years of wax built up in his ears and they washed both of them out - using three bottles of water each! He was so good and still. I teased him that he had big "mookas" (bugs) in his ears because that is what the wax clumps looked like when they came out.

He is progressing well with everything. He can now count to 6, knows at least two colors, can draw circles, is good at picking up his room and putting his toys in the proper places, can say almost anything he wants to and learns new things every day! I am amazed at how he has improved in the time we have been home. His behavior has really improved. He rarely tells us no now, and if he does, it only takes one reminder of punishment and he does not say it again. This has also helped in getting him to eat his meals because he can't tell us no! LOL!

He is much better with the dogs. He still chases them or throws their toys at them instead of to them, but all it takes is a warning and occasionally a time-out and he does better.

Please say a prayer for a special friend, Michelle, who leaves tomorrow to go to Ukraine to adopt three children from Alex's orphanage. They have special needs and were on a website, so she could commit in advance. We are so excited for their family and their new children.

Also, pray for our friends Dan and Alisha who are adopting from Ethiopa. Alisha is there with the boys and Dan is back in Ukraine, I believe. The children are officially theirs, but she will have to remain a little longer. Some of you may remember that we met Alisha and Dan when we were in Ukraine. She volunteered at Alex's orphanage and was so nice and helpful to us.

We will sign off for now.

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Mama said...

Is your friend a Reece's Rainbow Mommy? If so, I'm following her blog to her little ones. I am also a Reece's Rainbow Mommy and we hope to travel to our Little Man's country in June to bring him home! :)

Tim & Rita said...

Yes, Michelle is a RR Mommy! Their SDA appointment is Wed. @ 9:30.