Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Update

Alex was good at school all week, but that changed as soon as I picked him up on Friday. I guess he held it in all week and let loose on the weekend!

He back-talked, told stories, did what we told him not to do and didn't do what we told him to do, pretty much all weekend, but Saturday was the worst!

At lunch on Saturday, he wanted fish sticks and fries. So, I fixed both and gave him the amount he told me he wanted. Well, his eyes were bigger than his stomach and he decided that he wouldn't eat all of his fish sticks. When Tim asked him if he was finished with his fish sticks, he replied that he was. But, he was not. He took his remaining three fish sticks and hid them under his fries. So, he was deceitful and he lied. Now, looking back, I am fully convinced that this child has no mental delay as we were told by the SDA. I am sure we will laugh about this in the future - the grandparents already have. :-)

Alex is doing well at school. They are now working on the alphabet. This week will be C. He has to dress up as what he wants to be when he grows up. Well...he really can't tell me anything. The first time I asked him, he said that he wants to be Justin - his 16 year-old cousin. I just told him that Justin isn't grown yet. But it was really sweet! We decided that he will dress up as a Veternarian because he has a vet kit and we borrowed a lab coat from Grandma. We tried it on tonight and he looks really cute. I will post photos next week.

I tried to post photos of Alex in his cowboy outfit from school and our first professional family photo, but it won't work tonight. Will try again tomorrow.

As I always tell Alex, we still love him even when he is bad.

Love to all,
R & T & A

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Sylvia said...

Can't wait to se e the pics! I'm sure he is just testing you all to see how much he can get by with,haha. And no, it sure doesn't sound like he is delayed...he knows exact ally what he is doing and why haha.