Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our God is Awesome!!

Most of you know that children available for international adoption from Ukraine have some "special need." Almost all children who are in an orphanage are diagnosed as mentally delayed. Well..Alex had definitely proven that he is not mentally delayed.

However, we knew before we met him that his birth mother had Hepatitis C. We were told at our SDA appointment that he had Hep. C, but that it could be just the antibodies carried from the birth mother. When we arrived at his baby house, we did confirm, after meeting him, that he was Hep. C positive. We were told that he had been tested in Dec. 2009 because another couple wanted to adopt him, but didn't believe that he was Hep. C positive. They chose not to adopt him when the test came back positive.

We asked for the test results and all we were told was COR =10. It didn't mean anything to us, but we are not doctors. When we got home, it didn't mean anything to our doctors either.

As you know, Alex has been to a specialist in Greenville. His doctor is Dr. LaCroix at Pediatric Infectious Disease Group at University Medical Center, part of Greenville Children's Hospital. We had our second visit on August 20th and blood work was drawn. I received confirmation of his test results today and the Hep. C test is NEGATIVE! He was first tested in May and they said there was nothing definitive to show that he had the disease.

I cannot explain how this happened medically, but I can explain that my God can heal any illness and that Alex had many prayers.

Thank you, my Lord for our wonderful son and for giving Your son, Jesus, that we may have everlasting life.

Love to all,
R & T & A


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Wonderful!!! So glad he is back to 100%. Yeah!!

Stefanie and Bill said...

rejoicing with you!