Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update August 21, 2010

Alex has been learning so much in school! He learned all his colors and shapes and is now working on the alphabet. This week the children in our county went back to school and Alex officially began K3 at the Learning Vine. He is in the same class, but the real work has begun! He has homework three nights and is learning to write the letter A. We got to have fun (not! - for Mama anyway) learning to use scissors. He had to cut out things that begin with A for a collage at school. Alex is very independent and as soon as I tried to show him how, he was taking the scissors and telling me - I do it!

He has been fairly good in class the last few weeks, but one day he did not want to sit down and listen and one day, he wouldn't pick up the toys, but all the children in that area got a time out because they wouldn't clean up. There is a new little girl in his class, Kylie and he says that she is his girlfriend! She is really cute with blonde hair and curly piggy tails, but I am not ready for my baby boy to have a girlfriend yet! We thought he was saying Katcha Kayle, but I after seeing Uncle Barry last weekend, we have determined that he was saying hot chick Kylie. We todl him not to say this at school! Well...Uncle Barry said that he will be the one to teach him bad things. LOL!

Alex had a followup with the specialist in Greenville on Friday. Grandma went with us and we had lunch at Stax Omega and did a little shopping. I put Alex in the stroller for the mall and he took a small nap. He is getting so tall, he is about too long for the stroller and it looks like I am pushing a five-year-old around, but it is really helpful when he needs a nap.

The other night, Tim was giving Alex his bath and he asked Alex if he likes his home better than the baby house and he said, yes and I love my daddy! So sweet! He has been talking about Mama and Daddy bringing him to America on the airplane lately.

One new thing - when we punish Alex, he melts down, crying and yelling, I love you! It is enough to break your heart. I wonder if he thinks that we do not love him because we are punishing him or if he thinks we think he doesn't love him because he has been "bad."

When we were at Stax yesterday, I a little boy was leaning over the booth, telling us hey! We were talking to him and Alex was trying to get him to give him five. I took that opportunity to aske Alex again if he would like to have to have a brother. He still says NO! I think he would be a great big brother - or little brother as far as that goes.

Love to all,

R & T & A

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