Monday, May 9, 2011


Alex & Mumbo ready to go!

6:00 am

Keeping busy - waiting to be called back.

Waiting for Dr. Rust a.k.a. Fred Flintstone

The bracelet that he hated

On the way home - showing off his Curious George bandaid

After eating a happy meal - nuggets & fries - yes, the doctor said he could!

Playing Lincoln Logs with Daddy

The night before - showing me his M&M face

Easter morning - Chloe had to check out the goodies also.

Little ham

I can't believe it has been almost two months since I updated the blog. Most of you know that Alex had surgery last Monday to remove his tonsils, adenoids and to place tubes in his ears. The surgeon said the fluid in his ears was thicker than Elmer's glue. Poor fellow. No wonder he had a 40% hearing loss! He can definitely hear better now.

Alex was perfect for the surgery! As we were waiting for the surgeon, he began to sing Jesus Loves Me - just out of the blue. So sweet. Then, as he walked to the operating room, with his penguin, Mumbo tucked under his arm, he held Dr. Rust's and the nurse's hand and skipped and swung between them. I was strong for him, but when he left, Tim had to reassure me. I was on the verge of tears.

They would only let one parent back in recovery at a time. I went first and he was sitting up on the bed drinking water and smiling. I stayed for a while and then Daddy took his turn. A little later, I got a text that "your son wants you." Such sweet words. I went back for almost the remainder of the time and then traded off with Daddy. Then, Daddy came and got me to go with Alex while he pulled the car around. Alex was sitting in a wagon, smiling from ear to ear with a bag of gummy bears and Mumbo.

He never even took a nap that afternoon and stayed awake until 9:30pm! Tuesday was a wonderful day as well. Wednesday, I went back to work and it was Daddy's turn to stay at home. Wed. night was a rough one and no one rested well, but Grandma took the wheel on Thursday and he did fine. Friday, he got to stay with Granny & Grandpa and he was perfect! He has awaken once each night, crying with a sore throat, but other than that, we got back on routine yesterday, going to church and he went back to school today.

We had a great Mother's Day. I can't believe it is my second Mother's Day! I have been so blessed with the son the Lord gave me. I was the little girl who always wanted to be a Mama and had over 70 dolls! Even though I thought it would never happen, it happened all in God's perfect timing.

Alex moves up to K4 on May 23rd. I am excited that he is moving up, but we are sad that he will move away from the teachers he has had since he started at The Learning Vine. Ms. Ashley and Mrs. Amanda have been wonderful and we will really miss seeing them each day. Most of the children are moving up, so it should be a smooth transition.

My boy loves, loves, loves to dance! The other day, he said, "my throat doesn't hurt any more - now I can dance!" He says that he dances at school and at church. We had great dance tonight along with Dancing with the Stars. He got out of the tub, stepped into the den and said, "I love this dance. I love this song." So we danced! He is so much fun!

Love to all!

R & T & A

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