Saturday, May 28, 2011

God's blessing

Work has been rough lately. I have been stressed beyond belief. There have not been many accomplishments and lots of feelings of defeat. I am doing my job to the best of my ability, but there are some things that are beyond my control. I think this is part of my defeated feeling. I am so looking forward to vacation.

Yesterday I was hurrying down the hall and saw a patient with the blanket up over her face. The over-the-bed light was on, so I stopped in and asked her if she wanted me to turn the light off. She was so sweet, laughed and said no, she was talking on the phone with her son and she was cold, so she covered her head. After checking her thermostat, I offered to get her another blanket. She was thrilled and I went and got her two blankets, came back and covered her up. There was a storm and she may have been somewhat fearful of it. I reassured her that we have safety precautions and went over them with her, telling her that she would be protected in case of a tornado. She was so thankful and said that we are so good to her and that God sent me to take care of her. She was so thankful to the Lord, even though she was in the hospital and had recently lost a family member. Her spirit was contagious and just want I needed. God sent her to me at that very moment because He knew I needed her.

I love when God shows up when He is least expected. This sweet lady was just what I needed during a stressful day.

Thank you Lord for bringing this precious lady into my life. The people are why I do what I do.

Love to all,

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