Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update on Children for Alex's Baby House

This is Sveta. She is has a family and I am not sure, but think they should travel soon
Lena has a family, but she is not yet available. They have to wait before they can submit.

This is Vika. Her Mama and Daddy just met her in person this week and are in the paperwork chase to apply for their court date. Vika was at Alex's baby house, but was transferred last year.

Sweet, sweet Vera! Her Mama and Daddy have their SDA appointment on June 2nd. They leave for her country in just four days! AND...they live close enough that we can visit!

This is Danil. His parents have an appointment on June 6th, I believe.

He is no longer at the baby house, but has been transferred

This is Virginia. Her parents have committed and are in the beginning of paperwork pregancy....and....they are also adopting precious Brigette, pictured below.

So cute!

This is Willow. She has been adopted, but we do not know anything about her family yet.

These children still need families.


Ryland - look at that smile!

Nadia - precious!

Miley - would love to have a clearer photo.

Maxwell - look how handsome!

Karina needs a family now! She will not survive much longer without it.

Howell needs a family too.

Love to all,

R & T & A

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Living A Faith That Bleeds said...

beautiful post with the pics! big hugs to you and alex. hope your all doing well. ~alisha