Saturday, November 21, 2009

Submission Day - almost

Monday is the day!

We ask for prayers that our dossier be accepted and for a travel date that meets our needs.

Thank goodness we have a busy weekend planned. If not, I think I would go crazy with anxiety. This afternoon, I am shooting a wedding reception for a friend from work and then going to see the movie The Blindside with another friend. Then, tomorrow we have church and tomorrow night, our Thanksgiving meal at church, so that will take out minds off of things.

I feel better about my "replacement" while I am on leave from work. She will not have to do the payroll part of my job, so she should be fine. I have full confidence in her and I know she could handle it even if the payroll portion were included, but it makes me feel better that she will not be overwhelmed.

Going to take a nap (why am I awake at 6:30 on Sat?), then I need to make a cake (pound cake with caramel icing) for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Will update when I have an answer from the SDA.

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Nan and Dan said...

hope all goes well and you get a date that works for you all :)