Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Correction to Dossier

We got notice that there was a correction on my medical certificate. My physician wrote over two numbers on the form and this is not acceptable. So, I typed the form and sent it to her to sign and Tim picked it up today.

I just scanned it and emailed to our facilitator to see if it will be OK. Then, hopefully, we will get it to Ukraine in time for submission on 11/23/09.

The orphanages in Ukraine are under quarantine until at least 11/22/09, so some couples who are in country hit at a bad time. Hopefully, the quarantine will not be extended so these families can finish their adoptions and those of us who are waiting to submit will still get to travel when anticipated.

We are hoping for an appointment on 1/10/10 or 1/17/10.

We are in the process of purchasing warm clothes such as Under Armour and Cuddl Duds, etc. A wise hockey player once told me that "it isn't cold unless your snot freezes." Well...I am afraid that it will be that cold in Ukraine in January. My DNO told me today that the 6 weeks of cold is my price to pay in place of labor pains. I don't know, but I think 6 weeks is an awful long labor.
I am sure it will be like childbirth - the reward will far outlive the pain.

Looking forward to snuggling with my honey and our new baby(ies) in the cold.

R & T


MamaPoRuski said...

We were there January through March last year and although Kyiv was cold, our region south was not so bad. We even had to buy an umbrella in Feb! If you want, I can send you my packing list. Now is the time to get the "Hotties" packs from Costco.

Tim & Rita said...

I would love a copy of your packing list! I am having a hard time convincinv the hubby of how cold it will be. So far, I have bought leggings and turtlenecks for myself and I am about to order some cuddl duds. I got him two under armour shirts and he doesn't think that he will need the bottoms.
Thank you!