Saturday, November 21, 2009

Background & Rant

I am not rushing Christmas, but with the submission date coming up on Monday and decorating at work next week, I thought I would go ahead and change the blog background to a Christmas theme.

I know this one is not the easiest on the eyes, but I love it and the meaning behind it. There were few to choose from that were Christian themed. Which brings me to a rant.....

It took us at least two years to find a decent, affordable Nativity scene for our yard for Christmas. My mother and father-in-law reminded us of this last week while we were having dinner. They are searching for one and have the same problem. Everything we found is either blow mold or inflatable, cartoon-like. We finally found a Fontanini one online, but paid more than we wanted and it is still not exactly what we wanted.

I have seen the following Christmas decorations while in search of the Nativity:
a flying pig
all Disney characters in various poses
a carousel
a ferris wheel
Santas in every shape, color and size - playing golf, being stopped by the police for speeding in the sleigh, in a rocking chair, dancing, singing....well - you get the picture.

What part of CHRISTmas do the retailers not understand?

Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas in our household.

R & T

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Michelle said...

I completely agree with you on the decorations. That said I was hoping to get the "Flying Pig' after Christmas on a BIG sale. I am a marathon runner and run the Flying Pig maathon in Cinci. So a piggy with wings is totally up my alley! Although I think I would put it in my backyard!