Saturday, December 26, 2009

SDA Appointment Date!

I emailed our facilitator last night and while I was doing some shopping today, we received a reply. Tim read it at 2:00, but did not call and tell me.

As I was unpacking my shopping bags, he told me Merry Christmas and handed me a printout of the email.

What a wonderful Christmas present.

Are appointment is 2/10/10 at 9:00am. That is a Tuesday. We will fly out on Saturday or Sunday.

We are smiling ear to ear!

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers.


R & T


Stefanie and Bill said...

Yippee!!! So happy for you!

Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Yay!!!! We are both so happy you finally know when you have your appointment! We can't wait to read about your journey! Congratulations!

Nan and Dan said...

woo hoo!! congrats!
We are to be submitted 2/1/10 and hope to travel mid February.

Teresa said...

I am sooooo very happy for y'all. Although Ukraine in February is cold, think of the warmth you will bring to your new son/daughter. Blessings!

Suzette said...

We also have our SDA appointment on February 10th. This is our third one so if you have any questions that have not been answered, just let me know. We live in Alabama and are adopting a known child out in the Lugansk region.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

This is wonderful news!! I just knew you would hear soon. Feb. is a great time to travel. Yeah!!