Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still no news

No news yet. Tomorrow is working day 10 since the submission. According to our facilitator, the SDA has 10 days to give an answer.

At least we have been busy, so the wait has not been too bad. And, we have a busy weekend planned - tomorrow night, we hope to go to Connie Maxwell Children's Home to view their live nativity, Christmas lights and maybe even take a carriage ride. I have ridden through there lots of time - at least 3 times each year while I was an activity director at an assisted living. So - the thrill has not been there for a while. But, we have never been to the live nativity or on a carriage ride, so that will be exciting. Saturday I plan on going to Anderson to do some Christmas shopping and then Saturday night, we have a family birthday dinner for Tim's brother. Sunday, we have church and then our Christmas Cantata at 5:00.

Please pray that the SDA approves us and that we find out our appointment date soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Will update if we hear anything.


R & T


Aaron & Elizabeth said...

We will keep you in our prayers. We know the struggle of waiting for that SDA appointment! Keep faith!

Tim & Rita said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
I have been sick all weekend and did not get to do anything we had planned. Tim is at the cantata right now.
At least, I really haven't felt good enough to even worry about anything.
Good thing is that my headache is finally subsided enough to allow me to get some online Christmas shopping done! Kind of enjoying shopping in my PJs.