Sunday, February 13, 2011

Please pray.....

I have many prayer requests today.

  1. Please pray for little Anatoli, who was the first child we were referred to. There was no attachment, connection there and his needs were greater than we were led to believe. We do not know if he has found a family, but pray that where ever he is, he is receives the proper care and love that he needs. One year ago today, we returned from visiting his region.
  2. Please continue to pray for Vera, Niko and Sasha. They have not yet found families. To the best of our knowledge, Vera is still at the Baby House. Please pray for us as we ache for her situation. We hope they all get a home, but Vera is very special to us and if we could, we would make her a part of our family. Please pray that if Vera does have to be moved, she is moved to an internat (older children's orphanage) as opposed to a mental institution - where she surely does not belong.
  3. Please pray for my mother-in-law who is facing cervical surgery on February 24th. This is her second surgery on her neck in recent years. She will have to have a steel rod implanted and may have to spend time in the rehabilitation hospital where I work.
  4. Please pray for Alex's behavior. He is having trouble listening and following directions in school. He is also back talking us. We are working on a weekly reward system for him, but out of the last week, he has only gotten two stars. We are trying not to be too hard on him because we feel he isn't getting proper rest due to sleep apnea and that he is not feeling well from an ear infection. He has an appointment with the ENT on February 24th and we feel we are in for surgery to remove tonsils, adenoids and possibly for tubes in his ears.

I love my Lord and I believe that everything will be taken care of by His will and His way. I am just having a difficult time right now understanding why Vera's situation has turned out as it has. I have to think that God has bigger and better plans for this sweet girl.


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