Monday, February 28, 2011

One year ago today, again....

Chance's 4th Birthday

Yes, I'm a boy, but I love my Mama and will do whatever she asks.

Dixon's Second Chance

7/21/02 - 02/28/11

One year ago, we were in Ukraine in the adoption process - awaiting court on Friday.
We got a phone call from home. It was my sister and I knew something was wrong, but she said wanted to talk to Tim and said, it will be OK - let me talk to Tim.

Our sweet Boxer boy, Chance died on 2/28/10. So untimely. We lost a son that day and within the week, gained another son - Alex.

Chance, we love and miss you, sweet boy.

Alex - we are glad you are our son.


Mama & Daddy.

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michelle said...

Happy one year home Alex! You are so special and I do have to say you have a totally AWESOME mom!