Monday, April 12, 2010

Title Change

Nanci took this picture at our shower at church yesterday.

I changed the title of the blog today because I decided to continue it throughout our first year home. I will try to post weekly.
Yesterday, Alex went to Children's Church for the first time and he was good. Our Senior Pastor and his wife, our Associate Pastor and our Music Minister - along with a group from our church are in Ukraine until tomorrow. So - we had a visiting minister. He was very good, but spoke longer than we are accustomed. I was really worried about Alex being in Children's Church for that long, but they went ahead and took the children to the Social Hall for breakfast, so he was happy.
We did not try Sunday School, yesterday, but will next week. He will be next door to the class that I am going to begin helping with, so I will be a little more relaxed.
The church had a shower for Alex yesterday afternoon and we had a great time. I got to meet our new Youth Minister's wife and two precious little boys. They just came here while we were in Ukraine and they just "fit."
Alex went to Mission Friends while we attended the service last night and they said that he was good also. I am waiting for the new to wear off and for his true colors to show through.
He is learning so much! He now says : come here, I'm sorry, Thank You, What's my name?, no touch and Leave them alone, bath, pajamas - all pieces of clothing, nite-nite, pee-pee. watch a movie, Big Bird, Elmo, Yes M'am and of course, Mama, Daddy, Chloe (Clovey), PJ (Peja) and all of his cousins' names as well as Granny, Grandpa, Granma (Glenma), and Papa. There are more, but these are the few that come to mind.
Naptime is getting better and nite-nite is better if we let him watch a movie while he is falling asleep. $5 WalMart movies are wonderful!
Today Alex hit Chloe, so I put him in his room - he hates to be in there unless you tell him that he is to play. He hit me when I closed the baby gate, so he also got a time-out, plus had to stay in his room. About five minutes later, I heard him talking to himself and saying "sorry, sorry, I sorry - which actually sounds like "I solly." Then, he came to the doorway, called me and told me that he was sorry. So, of course, I let him out of his room.
He always helps clean up after he eats. Today he had rice everywhere after supper. He got the whisk broom and dust pan out and helped clean it up.
I really think he is adjusting well and I am trying to learn not to sweat the small stuff.
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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Sounds like you are doing great! Looking forward to the weekly updates.