Saturday, April 24, 2010

Singing in Russian

Singing in English

We have had a good week.

Alex has learned to count to five in English and is working on learning colors.

We visited the daycare that Alex will attend when I go back to work in June. It is The Learning Vine and is just around the corner from the hospital where I work. The classes are bright and roomy, they have lessons year-round, have a nice playground with a pirate ship, tri-cycles, swings and sand boxes. There is even a real live bunny in the room! You can view the children from the halls at any time. Of course, Alex had to show out a little and kick me while I was try to listen to the owner as she went over the rules, etc. He wasn't getting my full attention and he has a problem with that.

Alex is now going to sleep in his room without us laying down with him - almost every night. We let him choose a movie - Babe is his favorite! He also loves watching episodes of The Black Stallion because he loves his horses.

We are still waiting on an appointment with the pediatric adoption group in Greenville. I called Thurs. to follow up with our pediatrician's office and still waiting for a response.

Tim took Alex and went to WalMart grocery shopping so I could get a massage. Boy did I need it! My neck has not been right since the flights to Ukraine and has been getting worse each day. This week I had headaches every day. I thought my shoulder problems were gone because they haven't been as bad, but I think the head and neck problems were just outweighing them because when Allen hit the shoulders, it was evident the problem is still there.

We have a party this afternoon for our little family. My best friends are throwing a "baby party" so everyone can meet Alex - guys included. My friend Jackie is here from Dallas - we share April birthdays, so we always get together this month to celebrate. Today is also John Collin's birthday and his party is at the same time as ours. It was definitely planned this way as this date was confirmed while we were in Ukraine. We are happy to see everyone here, but also sad that Alex can't go to John Collin's party.

That's about all we have for this week.


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The Lowe Family said...

Those videos are so cute Rita. Schuy and Ethan just love to see videos and new pictures of Alex. I do too for that matter.
Looks like family life is progressing well for you all. I'm so happy for your family.