Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Weeks from Today - Ukraine Bound

Child's Room

We have the room ready. I didn't spend a lot of time or money on the room because I am not sure that we will use this room. If we bring one child home, most likely, we will use this smaller bedroom. If we bring two children home, we will either use the medium-sized bedroom or both rooms. I would like to use an ocean theme and found some cute prints on Etsy, but will wait to let the child have some input. Right now, I have some stuffed monkeys in there and a stuffed Boxer dog like our Chance. The bed is a trundle with storage drawers underneath. We also have a chest-of-drawers in the closet and will most likely get another chest or nighstand because at the moment, there is no place to put a lamp. I do not like the bright green curtains with the burgundy floor, but that is something that can be changed or we can get a throw rug. I do love the duvet & cover, so hopefully the child will as well.

Are you ready? I bet I have been asked that question at least one hundred times since we got our SDA appointment date. Ready in which way? To travel? To be a mom? Have the room ready? I usually answer that I am as ready as I can be.

I work with a great group of folks, but I do know that some of them have been discussing among themselves that they just don't understand why we are going so far and why we are spending so much money to get a child from Ukraine. Most of these people probably have no idea of the cost of a Ukrainian adoption vs. a domestic adoption.

I don't let this bother me. We are doing the right thing. We are doing what God wants us to do and He has His reasons behind what we are doing even if we do not know what they are.

We have a mini-revival at church today and tomorrow. Dr. Tim Lee is preaching and gave his testimony this morning. He lost both legs in combat in Vietnam, just weeks before he was supposed to be discharged. He spoke of how God did this to use him to spread the Word and that God did not hurt him and it was not an accident that this happened to him.

God has a reason for "closing my womb" and for leading us to Ukraine. Whatever the outcome, it will be God's will.

God's will be done.....


R & T


Mama said...

Oh, I love Dr. Lee!! He is an amazing speaker and an unbelievable testimony!! Add that to the fact that he such sweet man! I haven't heard him speak since I was in college 14 years ago. :(

Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Love the room. Can't wait to read about your journey! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I think waiting is very wise. This will allow your little one/s to feel like it is their room, allowing them to have some insight. I can't wait for you to travel. Don't let others influence your feelings. Follow God's will and all will be bright.

jon said...

Hi Rita! We are so excited for you and what God has in store! It's usually not easy but you can trust that He is at work. We are here now adopting 2 little girls, Lord willing. Make sure you follow what happened today with Interpol clearance now a requirement for all adopting families. It can take up to 40 days and many families here are worried that we may have to go homes. But God is in control, right? Blessings, Jill and Jon Nelson ( (

Nan and Dan said...

the room looks great!
We are also adoptng and are submitting on 2/1. We are adopting a known special needs child.
I hope the interpol thing does not hold you up like our friends over there now.
Good luck,

Zack, Jenn and William said...

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but wanted you to know that I'm excited for you guys. We were in Ukraine in 2007 and came home with a beautiful son (then 5, he's now 7 years old). We are in the process of adoption #2 and will likely be going to Ukraine this summer. Anyway, I understand people wondering why Ukraine - we've been there, done that! It's even harder to explain to those that aren't Christians. But praise God that you're following His will for your family!

Blessings on your journey!

Suzette said...

I remember that we have SDA appointments near the same time; ours is the 10th; wanted to make sure you had heard about the Interpol clearances.

Tim & Rita said...

Thanks everyone!

Tim said that we may have to come home and return oif the interpol check takes too long. I don't see how I can leave my child(ren) once we know them.

Goodness - I am having a problem leaving our dogs for that long!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!