Monday, March 9, 2009

And the waiting begins

Our information was submitted to INS approximately three weeks ago. We now wait until they notify us of an appointment for finger prints which will be in Charlotte, Atlanta or Charleston. We requested Charlotte since it is closest and we can do that in a day, no problem. I, personally would love to go to Charleston, but I do not want to use any un-neccessary ETO time. I need to save it for the trip and for bonding time when we get back to good ol' USA.

Speaking of fingerprints.... we had a SCLED background check and a DSS background check, plus a medical form completed by our physicians which included testing for HIV and Syphilis, but no drug screen. I just find that extremely odd. I would like to think that they US and Ukraine would like to rule out drug use in adoptive parents.

I will update when we get the finger print appointment. Until then, we wait..........

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